Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Fantastic Birthday!

All I can say is....WOW! I had such a fantastic early birthday celebration tonight! I have to say, the day started out kind of crappy. I started it off by spilling my diet soda all over the computer desk (luckily the computer was NOT in the way of the spill!) but I did have quite a mess to clean up on the floor and the desk surface. Then, my husband and I wandered out into the blazing AZ sun and heat to his pain doctor appointment, then to the hospital where he will have his surgery for his pre-op physical where they took blood, urine, gave him an EKG and chest x-ray.  We had to do quite a bit of walking and my muscle group in my butt is NOT doing well today. It kept bunching up, which in turn sent spasms down my right leg/calf and then started the tingling in my feet.  Yikes! I am such a mess, I don't know what to do with myself! Even with the walker, it just felt like I weighed a thousand pounds and couldn't move very fast.  From the hospital, we went to the pharmacy so Frankie could get  his pain patches refilled and then we went for his allergy shot. SO, needless to say, by the time we got home, I was HAD!  I laid down on the bed and fell into a deep sleep until my husband woke me up for dinner.

That is when it got great! My sister, Barbara came over (her husband Jay couldn't make it tonight because of work obligations. :( He was definitely missed!) and we had Chinese food and the world's BEST German chocolate cake I've had in my life! I will LIVE off the memory of that cake when I get the lap band procedure done hopefully after Frankie is all recovered from his surgery. He enjoyed the meal, too, because tomorrow he has to start his bowel prep for his surgery on Thursday.  Fun, fun, fun. He has to have 14 capfuls (that is not a misprint!) of Miralax dumped into lemon-lime Gatorade. This is funny because he hates most fruits, but tomorrow he's gonna have to sluggle down 64 ounces of the stuff!  I'll be standing by with the camera....can't let this moment go unmissed!

Anyway, I had a fabulous early birthday celebration with my family and I can't ask for anymore than that. That is the BEST gift in the world, having a caring and loving family around you. I will not take it for granted.  And another BEST birthday gift will be when Frankie's surgeon comes out and tells me he is cancer-free. I can't ask for anything more than that, either.  So I am truly blessed.  I hope you all are truly blessed, too, with a fantastic family.

Well, gotta go put my swollen feet to bed. They are so swollen, I had to up my shoe size. I can't wait to start losing more weight and water from my feet. I think that will really help my back and legs.  Hope you all have a fantastic night and I'll keep ya posted on how my "patient" survives his surgery and recovery. I turn into "Nurse Ratchett" then and be on his butt to deep breath and walk around the nurse's station to prevent pneumonia.

Love ya all!
Until next post,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my late grandpa, Victor Churchill. I miss you, grandpa! We always shared our birthdays together because they were so close. I remember him saying, "Let's change ages by turning the cake around! You can be 55 and I'll be 6!"  He will forever be in our hearts.
June 22, 1921 - July 25, 1993


  1. Happy Birthday!I hope you get all you wish for! Gental Hugs! (( <3 ))

  2. Thank you, Dawn! That's very sweet of you to leave birthday wishes! :0) Gentle hugs to you, too.

  3. Sharon BallentineJune 23, 2010 at 8:53 AM

    Thanks Missy for taking the time to write this blog- I'll miss you while you're taking care of your husband. Glad you had a good early birthday celebration after the long hard day at the hospital. Gentle hugs and strongs healing prayers cover both of you. Write when you can,

  4. Thank you so much, Sharon, that so sweet to hear! :0) I will miss all you, too, but I won't be gone long and I will write updates when I can. He'll be in for 10 days max, so when I come home from visiting him, I'll write a short post letting you all know how he's coming along. Again, thank you for your sweet words! :0)


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