Saturday, October 30, 2010

Changes Are In The Air

Hello, my dear friends!

Did ya miss me?  I've been taking a much needed break and actually just woke up at 4pm today!  Of course, I didn't sleep at all last night, my back has been giving me a bunch of fits and I had to sit on the floor for pretty much the whole night.  I can't sit in a chair for very long as the chair seat hits the back of my legs and gets those nerves going and it hurts like heck.  And I can only lay for so long....sigh.  I'm just miserable.  This blog makes me so happy to do, that if I didn't have it, or you, my friends or my family, I'd be done for. 

Anyway, this will be a short post.  I'm working on two pages for the blog and one of them is already done and you may have seen it already.  It's called "The Schranz Ranch" and it outlines how hard our animals have it!  LOL!  The next page I will be working on tonight is called "What IS Fibromyalgia" and will be an educational page and my experiences of dealing with the "beast"......what works, what doesn't, ect.  I hope you all will like it.

Have a good evening, everyone!  I'll put up a blog hop and do go blog hoppin''s fun!
I'll let you know when the new page is done.  :0)
Have a good one!
Big hugs,
Until next post,


  1. Thank you for hopping w/me and putting up my button, I appreciate it!

  2. Glad you were able to get some sleep. Hope you feel better tomorrow. I am doing better tonight than I was last night. I hope you have a happy and better day tomorrow!

  3. I'm so sorry you are dealing with Fibro. I have a friend with it and I know it is miserable. :-(

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I am following you back. My Relax & Surf Sunday hop went live tonight, and I'd love to see you in the surf! Stop by and link up if you'd like. Happy Halloween!

  4. Hi Missy! Thanks for stopping by for the All Hallows Eve blog hop! :) I'm returning the "follow" luv! I'm very interested in your upcoming page on Fibromyalgia, as I am thinking of being tested for that and several other similar illnesses. It sucks getting old. LOL

  5. I'm ur newest follwer. Great blog. I'm lookin 4wrd 2 trudging thru life w/u!

    Please stop by and bring some peeps! I have giveaways n hardly any peeps! The 1st person 2 round up 10 followrs 4 me, gets their choice of a free t-shirt from the funniest shirt place EVER!!!

  6. I have Fibromyalgia too so I know exactly how u feel =( Hope u feel beter!

  7. I am so sorry about your fibro. I have a friend on Facebook who could really benefit from knowing you. Her facebook name is either Susan A. Reynolds or Susan Reynolds (I think it is Susan A. Reynolds)....if you want to friend her, tell her Caren Gittleman sent you! I am going to try and give her the link to your blog which I am now following!

  8. Happy Halloween. Here from the bloghop. I follow you, please follow back

  9. I love your blog!!

    Following through the Hallows eve- creep crawl blog hop :)

    Hope you will follow back

  10. I haven't heard of those Stephanie Plumb books you mentioned in my comment but sounds interesting, I'll have to look into it! Glad you got some extra sleep/rest. Ughhh it can be so frustrating to not get enough sleep. What we need to get we struggle to get. :( So hard. Hang in there sweetie!!

  11. Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat :)
    I am your new follower. You can follow me back at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

    Have a great weekend

  12. Stopping over to BOOOoooooboboooboooooboooo on your page from the Creepy Crawl! I am stalking you I mean following your blog!

    Stop over bc someone got murdered on my BLOG!


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