Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Morning Musings


Don't you just LOVE Monday mornings?  The start of a brand new week, with the possibility of brand new, I mean "challenges."  I'm going to be as positive as I can from now on.  I've been down in the dumps for long enough. This is a pretty important week for me, as I've got that bariatric appointment on Thursday.  From what I hear, it's going to take 2 hours, as I meet the whole team.  I think that is pretty cool.  Pray that the recommendation is for the Lap band instead of the gastric bypass.  I will do whatever the doctor thinks is best for me, but the bypass just scares the crap out of me for some reason.  I'm afraid of getting that "dumping" syndrome that can happen right after you eat.  If you eat too many concentrated carbs or sugar, the stomach empties it out rapidly to the small intestine, which doesn't know what to do with it as it hasn't been digested yet, so you spend the next 30 minutes or so on the pot, sweating and feeling like you are going to pass out.  I've had dumping a few times in my life and let me tell you, it's not fun.  I kept thinking, "please don't let me pass out on the toilet!"  LOL....

That is all that is happening this week.  But, knowing our crazy life and luck, something will come up!  It always does.  I was just poking through the files on the computer and found a really cute cartoon that I have NO clue where it came from or who.  It's too cute NOT to post, so if you are the author of the cartoon, please let me know and I can give you credit or remove it if you so desire.  Here it is:
How true this is!!!  I just love these characters!  You can tell she is not going to give him much sympathy, is she?!  Having fibromyalgia DOES feel like the flu, only it never goes away and there is no vaccination for it, either.  Wouldn't that be nice if there were a vaccination for it? I'd be the first in line!

I woke up very early - at 3am with my nose so stuffed up, I couldn't get any air through it at all.  I hate having to "mouth breathe" because then it dries all out and I have to use lots of chap stick because my lips get dry and cracked, too.  Makes a pretty picture, huh?  Not only that, but my legs were killing me because I fell asleep last night (during watching CSI Miami, my favorite! Damn, I missed the end to it.) and didn't take my 10pm pills, which includes my pain medicine.  So I will definitely be taking a nap after I write this post.  I am so tired, I almost fell asleep on the toilet!

OK, enough of that.  I gave away a few of my "One Lovely Blog Award" to 3 blogs so far.  Two accepted, and I'm waiting on the third.  I will give some more away either tonight or tomorrow.  The two that accepted are:
 "This Is My Fibro"   and  "Life And Fibromyalgia"   Be sure to check out their blogs. They are definitely worthy of the award.  :0)

I'm having so much fun "blog hopping" and I'm meeting so many new and fascinating friends.  I get so involved in reading the many different stories, that I could spend just hours and hours doing it!  But, then, my stupid feet swell if I keep them down too long, so I have to go back to bed and stretch out and they will go down to almost normal.  I take that as a good sign that they are "almost" normal after I've had them up.  Earlier in the summer, they would be just as huge in the morning as at night!

If you love looking at blogs, make sure to sign my linky which is in the right sidebar, by my blog list and followers section. I hope you enjoy "blog hopping" as much as I do.

Alright, that is all I can think of to write about at this time, plus my eyelids are feeling very heavy!!  I'll end this post with one of my poems. I haven't done that in quite awhile.  So here goes:

I Come To You
Every time I feel down and out
I feel I have no friends
I wonder what all this is about
And I feel all my bitter ends.
Never knowing what life may do
I find a place to hide
A place where I never feel blue
A place that's only on the inside.

O Lord, I come to you
With my heavy heart
And troubled spirit- you know just what to do.
Just give me, Oh, give me a brand new start.
Oh, Lord, I know you're so willing to share
I need it soon-I feel so sad.

When all my days are missing the brightness of the sun
And it's your spirit I long to feel
I come to you-I know you are the one
Your spirit is so real.
I come to you for your love
The one that isn't here
The one sweet dreams are made of
I come to you now--please wipe away my tears.

Have a great Monday, everyone!!!
God bless!
Until next post,


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