Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bariatric Blues

Howdy-ho, friends!

Well, my support group (my husband and mother-in-law) and I went to the bariatric appointment this morning. We got there with no problems with our handy-dandy Garmin GPS.  My leg was just killing me today, though, so I had a really bad waddle, like a duck, into the building and had to take a million breaks.

We got up to the fourth floor and suite 400 wasn't too far away, thank God.  The office was really clean and well-kept.  The receptionist STILL hadn't gotten my referral for the hospital, just the doctor and even that was on the wrong form.  So she called 3 times telling them I was there for an 11:00 appt. and I couldn't be seen until I had that referral corrected.  They kept saying they would send it.  Well, at noon the receptionist just stated "why don't you go on back and if it comes while you are back there, that's a good thing."  So I went back with the nurse.

The nurse took pictures of me from all angles and I had to take my shoes and socks off to go on the scale and have my weight and fat index checked.
When I got my socks and shoes back on, we went into an exam room and she started asking me all kinds of questions. I gave her my mammoth amount of medications and she inputted everything into her computer.  The doctor came in, and he asked me EVEN more questions!  He was concerned about my prednisone use, as the healing isn't as good from surgery with patients on steroids. So I have to knock the prednisone down to as low as I can.  I take 20mg a day, so I'm going to knock the evening dose down to 5mg and keep the morning dose at 10mg.  My goal is to get the prednisone down to 5mg a day.  I hope I can do that!  But, I'm miserable anyway, so a little prednisone less won't hurt anymore than I hurt now!

After discussing my medication, he recommended the gastric sleeve procedure.  That involves removing 85% of my stomach and having a small stomach pouch left.  It will take only one cup of liquid/food.  He thought that was the best way to go.  So no Lap-band.  They didn't think I'd lose enough weight with just the band.  So the gastric sleeve it is.  The nurse stated that she thought, too, that I would have better success at it.  In comparison, the worst success stories were with the banding procedure alone.  So even though it sounds very scary, I'm proceeding on.  I have no choice; I can barely move around as it is!!

I have a whole bag full of vitamin samples....all chewable because the normal sized vitamins would get stuck in my stomach!  I hadn't realized how small they make it!!  I also got samples of protein mixes and shakes.  The nurse said I would be on liquids two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery.  So I'll be adapting a whole new life!!!

Next the dietician came in and went over my eating patterns and what needs to be changed.  A lot!!!  Bye-bye soda and sweets and everything I love to eat and drink.  But the dietician herself has had the same surgery I'm going to have 8 months ago and she looks absolutely fantastic!!!  So I'm motivated to do the same thing.  I CAN do this!!!

That pretty much was how the day went. I have a whole checklist of stuff I gotta do to prepare me for surgery.  It took my doctor multiple times to fax a simple form, so I'm worried she won't get the rest of my records over.  What a mess!  It just seems so overwhelming right now.  In the morning it should be better.

Hope all of you are doing well.  I still only have two people that are interested in my give-away.  If I don't get more tomorrow, I'm going to scrap the idea.  It bombed!  And I don't know why?  The blog hoppin' is going very well, though, and I'm enjoying that immensely.  So to the two that participated in my give-away, thank you.  I'm sorry to have to pull the plug if I don't get more entries by tomorrow night.  So tell everyone you know!!

God bless you all.
Until next post,


  1. Wow, that's definitely a change of lifestyle. It makes me wonder if I was to do that lifestyle change now prior to surgery and stick with it, would I lose weight? But I'd be starving all the time. At least with a smaller stomach you won't feel like you're starving. Will you ever be able to eat again or will it be liquids and pills for the rest of your life? At least you're getting to have the surgery, that's promising. Congrats. When is it scheduled for? Sorry about your giveaway. I don't need the movies. I would just give them to my nieces. Maybe you should just give one to each of the people that have signed up. Everthing is slow in the beginning. Don't be discouraged.

  2. Wow you have so much happening! It's so hard, but hang in there and stay strong! {{hug}}

  3. Keep your faith, you'll get through it.

    Following from Friday Bloghop. Hope you can visit and follow back. Thank you and have a nice weekend!

  4. Hi there. I am passing through or popping by from follow friday and wow what a difficult time you have had. My Mom has fibro and I have crohn's. I know life can be brutally painful with both. Hang in there. I hope things get better for you soon. Paula


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