Friday, October 1, 2010

BIG Blog Changes

Howdy, folks!

I just spent all morning and the better part of the afternoon redesigning my blog.  One of the first things I did was I got rid of the awards pages.  I couldn't seem to get very many interested in participating in it, that it just wasn't worth keeping the pages up.  I had so much fun distributing the awards...I must have went to 30 or so blogs...and not too many people responded back.  It was heart-breaking, as I had a blast designing them and giving them out.  To those that DID partake in my award giving, THANK YOU.  And please, don't feel you have to take your award down.  It's yours to keep and I'd like for you to keep it up on your blog.  I already link back to your blog with my blog list.

The next thing I did was redesigned all the other pages on the my blog with new graphics and completely re-did Jack's page and added a brand-new page, "Jingles and Tuffy."  They are part of our "Schranz Ranch" and live here, too.  They are my in-laws dogs and are real cutie-pies.

So take a peek at my whole blog when you get a change and let me know what you think. I love your comments, every single one of them!!

Whew, I am just exhausted. I have been for awhile now. I don't know if I'm in flare-up, as I do ache from head to toe and my head from when I fell the other day has a giant goose egg there and it is so sore to touch.  It's scary when that right leg gives out like that with NO warning.

Sorry to make this a short post, but I can hardly keep my eyes open. I need a nap in a big way.  Hope you all are feeling OK and not having too much pain.
God bless you all!!
Until next post,



  1. Have a good nap! I tried to take one but I couldn't sleep. Pain is getting better. We are heading to bed shortly. Mom is getting a bit tired. I am not looking forward to get her ready for bed in the tiny small bathroom. I don't like her downstairs but I don't really think I have much a choice.

  2. I would feel uncomfortable, too, Heather. Does you mom ever wander in the night, or get up out of bed and walk around? My grandpa did and it was a nightmare! My grandma never got any sleep it seemed. But if your mom stays put in bed, that is great. But I'd worry, too. Hope it all works out. :0)


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