Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Very First Blog Award!

Howdy, folks!

Before I get on topic, I have just one thing to say at this moment:
 WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR THIS GUY'S LIFE??????  Jack here doesn't have a care in the world...he just ate, had some water and is now working on his fifth nap of the day.  He doesn't distress over bills, money, illness or medications.  Well, medications, maybe, as I do give him an allergy pill almost every day because he gets all stuffed up and he has that teeny tiny little nose to breathe from.  He's so used to me shoving it down his throat that I don't think he even worries about that anymore!!   He's got "people" who do things for him, pet him and love him 24/7.  Oh, bliss....the hard knock life of a pappered beyond belief cat!!   I just couldn't resist taking this picture. :0) I've just been moving in slow motion, it seems.  I'm so exhausted and I don't know how or why.  Everything is such a chore, that it's virtually impossible for me to do the chores.  My husband is FANTASTIC with me.  He truly understands what I'm going through and I feel the same way about him and we help each other out like the team we are meant to be.  When I'm not feeling too strong, he is. And vise versa.

My stupid feet are swollen beyond capacity.  I can't even bend them and I have the ever present leg pain.  The burning feeling on the top of my foot has resolved with the extra neurontin.  I'm taking 900mg/3 times a day.  Maybe that's why I'm so tired.  But I'll take tired over that burning pain any day!!!  So now I'm just waiting until Oct. 14th for the bariatric clinic appointment.  Unfortunately my insurance is being a pill and it's a 30 mile trip EACH way.  Out of this huge city, they choose a doctor who practices  in Gilbert, AZ!!!  Go figure.  I've been reading up on him, though. and he's chief of this program and has been in bariatric practice for 5 years.  The hospital I will be going to is the FIRST in the valley to use "robots" in surgery to assist the surgeons.  I learned that at the seminar. They had a news clip we watched while waiting for the seminar to start.  So I'll be in good hands.  I'm desperate enough to do even the gastric bypass.   I know I said I wouldn't, but I gotta do something, and if this surgeon thinks that's my best bet, then that's what I will do.  I don't want to die young, like my mom. I still have so much stuff to do to fulfill my life!!,

Did you see my pretty lil' blog award in the upper left sidebar?  I was so shocked and honored to have this award presented to me.  Thank you, Martha Ruth, for thinking my blog is worthy of this award.  Make sure to visit her AWESOME site.  It's so beautiful and the posts are very interesting.  Just click on the award or look in my blog roll down on the page for the URL for her blog.

In order to accept this beautiful award, I have to pass it on to 15 other bloggers that I have newly discovered.  I let them know I'm giving them a blog award and then they will do the same thing to pass it along. They will also need to say who gave them the award. I like the concept of that - it's like bonding us all into one big community of friends.  From what I can tell, there is no time frame to give out the award, so I'm going to think about it tonight and start tomorrow with dishing out the award to people whose blogs I really like and respect.  It sounds like fun!!!  So fellow bloggers, look may be on my award trail!!!

Speaking of trail, I've joined a "BLOG HOP" that I'd love my fellow blog friends to follow along with me.  Down on the page, where my web and blog links are is where you enter the URL for your site.  The SAME list is on each participant's blog(s).  You can find out more by going to the Linky site who hosts this....their website link is there, too.  They can explain it far better than me!  I'll tell you, though, since I signed up about three hours ago, my blog traffic REALLY improved!  No joke!  So go ahead....enter your URL down below in the "Blog Hop."

Alrighty, I can't do anything more today.  I'm spent. I'm gonna go and get my "melon" feet up and probably take a nap.  I start out reading and then before you know it, 2 hours have gone past and I feel the book being gently lifted from my hand by my husband and he puts it on the bedside table.  It's a routine now we go through!!  I used to be such a quick reader. I could read a 300 page book in a day.  Now I'm lucky if I can squeak out a chapter a day.  I wonder if I have that narcolepsy?'s the fibro.  When is it never NOT the fibro?  That is the question.  If you have a good answer, I'd love to hear it!  :0)

Hope you all have a blessed day.
Until next post,

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  1. I, too, wouldn't mind the life of your cat. People do everything for you, you just look adorable and occasionally hand out some affection.

    I hope your feet feel better soon. Only 7 more days until the appointment, sorry it is so far away from your house. I often wonder what insurance is up too. Very strange the way insurance works. I only have a few months and then I will be on medicare. Seems strange to be so young (42) and on medicare. Anyways, I hope the feet do better and you have a better day tomorrow.


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