Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where Did Tuesday Go?

Boy, oh boy, I can't believe Tuesday is almost over with now.  This week has started out fast!  Has it gone fast for anyone else?  Maybe I'm just nuts with fibro fog....yeah, I think that is it!!  :0)

I took a picture of my beautiful new shower chair. I haven't taken a shower yet, I'm thinking either tonight or definitely tomorrow morning.  Today was a busy day with running out to Frankie's pain specialist appt.  And we picked up a copy of the CD and printed reports of my tests so far for the bariatric specialist.  I took at look at the reports and they didn't get the one where I had BOTH legs scanned for blood clots and it was negative.  If I take the packet in now, it looks like I still have a blood clot and would be eliminated from surgery.  I definitely DON'T want that!  So tomorrow I'll call the imaging place and have them look again for my report on both legs scans.  I know the doctor has it because she read it out loud for me and it confirmed that both legs were FREE from clots...in fact, there is no evidence there to even conclude I ever had clots in my legs!  That's the report I want.  And hopefully I can get it!!

Anyway, back to my shower chair.  I took a few pics of it to show it off.  It will be so nice to take a shower in comfort and not have to brace myself against the shower door or the wall.  That makes it so hard to clean myself!  But with the shower chair, I can sit and even shave my legs.  I'm so excited.....never though I'd be excited over shaving my legs before!!  LOL!
It fits in like it was custom made for the tub.  I thought we would have a hard time finding a shower chair that was durable for a heavy person and small enough to put in the stall.  We have shower doors instead of curtains, so that was an added complication, too.  But it all worked out and I think it looks perfect!!  Gosh, listen to me.  Most people rant on and on about their new house or car.  Me, I rant on and over over a shower chair!  Am I getting OLD?  LOL!!!  We bought this chair at where else.....Active Forever! Check them out, they are the greatest!  Nice & educated staff and reasonable prices.  Their website is: www.activeforever.com.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up for this post.  I'm too tired to do a memory lane trip tonight, so I'll end this post with one of my poems.  Hope that is OK.  You all have a wonderful night.

A Land Where I Live
Just when you think everything is safe and sound
You feel the world at your feet.
Look the other way-where is the happiness you thought you found?
Turn around and see everything is a disaster.
All that you worked for is gone-
Did you really think now you can hear the children's laughter?
Look behind you and hear the bird's singing
Or are they really?
Why would they now-after all today's bringing?
But hang on and don't despair
Maybe things that went wrong will go right-
Even if the things are something nobody can repair.
Or if you can't wait-I have a land.
A land where I live
With a bright ocean and cool sand.
A land where you can never feel blue
And things that are lost, are found.
A land where dreams come true.
Oh, this land that I found
Is so grand and peaceful.
Don't be afraid to just look around.
People are no longer in a hurry
To get to work to pay endless bills-
And away with endless worry
As sweet as a spring day
This is my land-
hear the birds sing and the trees sway.
A land I never have to leave-
I live here
You can too-all you have to do is believe.                                                                                              

I have a land
A land that I live
With a bright ocean and cool sand.
peaceful have a land where I never feel blue;
A land that I live-
Where all my dreams come true.

Hope you have a good night and sleep tight.


  1. What a beautiful poem. Yey, for your new shower chair.

    Thank you for visiting me and following. I am your newest follower.

  2. Thanks for the follow. Following you back.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments! Your blog is lovely. I really like your background, Halloween! Have a great day-
    Karen @ Pocket Full of Pink

  4. hi missy! thanks for visiting, following you now. (: happy wednesday!


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