Friday, October 22, 2010


That should tell you what a day we have had.  I'm trying to work down my checklist for the bariatric clinic and my doctors aren't being very cooperative with me.  My own primary care doctor hasn't, after MANY requests from myself and the bariatric clinic, faxed over necessary forms to even start my chart at the bariatritc clinic.  My first appointment they still hadn't faxed anything over and I waited and waited and the receptionist took pity on me and let me go back.  When I was in my appointment, FINALLY they faxed the referral form.  That is just ridiculous.  If people would just do what they are asked to do, instead of always having to make multiple phone calls about the same thing, the world would be a happier place.  People wouldn't feel like going postal!!!

My husband and I drove over to the imaging place where I had the duplex scan of BOTH legs.  I thought it was in May, but it actually was in February, so I probably will have to have another one of those fun tests.  I think they are good for only six months.  And luckily I kept in that filter that catches blood clots before they reach my heart and lungs.  Speaking of lungs, I'll have to get a referral for a pulmonologist, too!!!  Aye Carumba!  All this stuff, I better be approved for the surgery!!!

When we got back home, my doctor's office called and they said my medical record is ready for pick-up on Monday.  Yay!  And here the doctor doesn't like giving records out to her patients.  But if her office doesn't do the faxing they need to do, then something needs to be done!  I'm glad they have the records for ME to transport over to Gilbert for the bariatric surgeon, which we will do on Monday.  My next project is getting an authorization number from the insurance for the psychological exam that I will have the end of November.  Guess who has to do that?  You got primary care doctor!!!  At least I see her in person on November 1st and I can tell her in person how important this surgery is for me and I need that code ASAP.

I'm very overwhelmed, but I know things will get done if I just calm down and relax.  I've still got plenty of time in which to get things done.  OK, to help me calm down, I'll think back to the times when Mom, Granny and I went to the beach.  I've got pictures on top of pictures!!  Today I'll show you the ones I took of downtown San Diego.
 We actually where in San Diego over my birthday in June, 2002.  Best birthday gift, because as you know, I LOVE San Diego!!  We went downtown and I just went crazy taking random pictures of places I didn't even know what they were called!!
It sure was pretty downtown, though.  We were hoping to go through the gas lamp section, but it wasn't in the cards for us that day to visit there.
 Now we were heading towards La Jolla, California.  If you've never been there, you have to go there!  It's the "Beverly Hills" of San Diego, in my humble opinion. All the posh ocean front homes are here, along with the most expensive shops!!  You could be driving around, at anytime, and see people in convertibles with their cell phones to their ears (I thought they out-lawed that practice!)  and tops down on their cars.  It's quite the experience!!
Here is Mom in front of a La Jolla shop.
Mom and Grandma in front of a shop, BIG dreamers!!!  :0)
Back in our territory of Pacific Beach!  Here is Grandma, giving me a dirty look because I've taken her picture ONCE again!
Mom and Grandma standing on the shore, watching the waves wash in.  We could NEVER go to San Diego and NOT watch the waves at least for a while!!
And last, but not least, my mamma enjoying her lil' stroll among the surf.
We had to cram in everything in two days, then it was back to life in Yuma until our next rheumatologist appointment.  I so looked forward to our "Girl's Get-Away" every two months!!

Alrighty, that'll do for this post.  Hope you are having a happy Friday.  Be sure to join in on the blog hop going on down towards the end of my page. Everyone is welcome and there are give-aways galore.  So come try your luck and enter a few.  You never know....the next winner could be YOU!

God bless!
Until next post,


  1. Hi Missy it's Kat...I made a new blog so if you can follow back..You are still featured as I love your blog...Good luck with all the tests and doctors...I know that feeling all too well...and I remember 2 or 3 years ago the worst test...the Bronchoscopy...Not fun...thought I was drowning...they don't put you out...they drug you..and I'm like HELLO...I am resistant to narcotics..they don't listen..mean time..I am drowning and feeling them pull pieces of my lung..I managed to break a hand free and wack the doctor...and they are like..I think she is in pain...DUH...Anyway...good luck..Kat

  2. oh my new blog is Kat

  3. Good luck with the testing!

    I'm following back

  4. I’d like to invite you to become a fan of my “Inspire!” Facebook page. Stop by any time for some positive, uplifting messages and to leave your own comments. Thanks!


  5. Hi! Not sure how I found your blog, but as an Arizona native, I understand the need to see the ocean from time to time. I live in the High Country but did spend 15 years of my life in the valley of the sun, good luck on your upcoming appointments.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

  6. Hi! I'm a new follower from Weekend Blog Hop! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago and it used to bother me off and on. No flare ups at all though in the last year and a half--I think losing 83 pounds and walking 3 to 5 miles every day helped but who knows???? Our oldest daughter is married to a chiropractor who is doing some research into fibro and sharing his info with me. Great son-in-law! I'll be reading your blog from now on...good luck with the surgery!

  7. Missy, hang in there! i know the medical profession is frustrating ( I am an RN) but keep pushing and you will get what you need. Just remember, you have to be your own advocate because you are IMPORTANT and VALUED!


  8. Following from Saturday Spotlight Blog hop.

  9. Hello, I am a new follower. Dealing with insurance, doctors and tests can be very frustrating! Good Luck with your surgery and thank you for stopping by my blog today. Best wishes and take care!


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