Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Next Stop: Palm Springs

Hello, friends!

Well, after a good night's sleep (or as good as it gets when you can only lay on your back all night!) I feel a little better today.  I also got a very uplifting call from my dad in Michigan and his very nice girlfriend in Oklahoma.  They have some way of doing a three-way call which is really neat and we can all talk together.  I think we were on the phone for over an hour.  I like Gina, she is very sweet and a pleasure to speak with. My dad is going to meet her for the first time in person (they met online like I met my husband!) in Oklahoma on November 1st.  Dad and Gina, I hope you are reading this: I put a little countdown ticker below this post counting your time down until you meet!!! Let me know what you think!  Hopefully we can meet in person after I have my surgery and can travel farther than out of the house!  And I look better, too.  I don't look so hot right now and I definitely don't feel so hot.  This left leg has been so bad, I've wanted to cut it off and if I had a buzz saw, I just might have done it!

Things are going very slowly on the getting ready for surgery front.  I'm still collecting medical records.  I've my primary care's, now I need the cardiology notes.  I just spoke with my cardiologist and they set me up with medical records and the lady just called me to let me know that I can pick them up tomorrow after 10am and then we take everything to Gilbert to the Bariatric Clinic.  I also have to schedule a bariatric eduction seminar in Decenber and go to one of their support groups.

OK....let's go down memory lane again. I so prefer that than thinking about what's going on now and what's to come in the future!! (i.e. surgery, pain, bills, ect.).

When I very first moved to AZ in 1993, my grandma took me on some awesome trips. We went to San Diego and I saw the ocean for the very first time in my life and then for Christmas we went to Palm Springs, CA! I was so excited to be going back to California.  And to Palm Springs, where all the rich and famous hang RAD is that?  When I asked Grandma how far away we were from Palm Springs, she said "oh, about 50 miles."  When we were traveling there on Christmas day, we came to a town called El Centro which was about 50 miles from Yuma!  So Grandma was a tiny bit off in her calculations.  That made Palm Springs about a hundred and fifty miles away from Yuma!  So it's a family joke now about when we ask Grandma how far things are, we'll say, "50 miles!"  She is such a hoot!!

Anyway, because it's Christmas day, we couldn't find a lot of places open to eat at.  We hadn't counted on that, really, because some stores are open on Christmas and can make a fortune with selling Christmas dinner to people who don't want or can't make it themselves.  Evidently that wasn't a problem in El Centro!  We had breakfast at Jack n' the Box and we found a little cafe in downtown Palm Springs for dinner.  We spent the first day (after Christmas) just driving around town and I took various pictures. Here's some of them:
 Here I am, outside the motel we stayed at.  See? I'm cooperative with having pictures taken of myself...unlike SOME folks who will remain nameless (Grandma)!!
The main "drag" in Palm Springs.  I forget the name of the road.  Sorry! :0)

We went by this beautiful home (which all you can see is the elaborate gate blocking it, unfortunately).  We also saw the Betty Ford Clinic, too.  Grandma barreled through the driveway, past the "No Trespassing sign" so we could get a better view of it.  I pointed out the sign and said we would get NO view of it from jail.  I was too nervous to take pictures! ;))

The following day we went on the Palm Springs Tram ride up the mountain. What a fabulous experience I will never forget!!!  One of those tram cars holds 80 people and it goes up high...I forget the height of the mountain (blame it on fibro fog!) but on the top of the mountain is a gift shop and restaurant.  We stayed away from those and just concentrated on the 30 degree temp drop, snow on the ground, and ohhhh....the absolutely gorgeous view for MILES beyond.  It was a clear day, so our visibility was probably miles beyond!!  The next group of pictures are the ones I took on the top of the mountain.  The first group is the tram ride up and then I took at pic of Grandma (I snuck one in while she wasn't looking!) coming down off the tram.  And then the rest are the view from the top of the mountain.  Enjoy!  Although these pictures do it poor justice...what we saw, you can't really contain the beauty with the limits of a camera!
Grandma allowed me ONE picture of her......her backside!!  How generous of her!!  But I'll take anything I can get!!

Well, I'm sorry to end the memories so soon, but my leg is acting up again so I'm gonna go take my pills and lay down and get my huge feet up.  I can't wait until everything is over with and I can lead a normal life...whatever that is!  Hope you all are having a good day and thank you for listening to my ramblings.

God bless!
Until next post,

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