Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look At The Shirt

Good Sunday, everyone!  I hope it's been a good for you all.  I am going to start this post with the winner of the Pain Drop contest.  I decided that I'd feel creepy getting something with the security label off, accident or not, from somebody I didn't know.  It was inconsiderate of me to even ask in my last post.  Forgive me?  Next time I'll pay attention to what I'm doing!!

OK, the moment you've been waiting for, the winner of a brand new security label intact bottle is.....drumroll......

CARMEN, who owns the blog "This Is My Fibro."   Please visit her blog at:  For some reason the link won't work when I attach it to the blog's name.  It's a wonderful blog that I've followed a long time.  She is a survivor of fibro and lives with her husband in Texas with two adorable dogs, if not frisky!!  :0)  They  are looking into foster parenting at this moment and I hope all works out well with them. As with most of us fibro victims, we can't go the nine months to carry a baby without severe complications due to lack of our medicines.  I've wanted a baby so very badly but it just isn't in the cards for me.
I am so very sorry to have botched up this give-away.  I feel terrible to give away just one bottle when I could have given away two.  IF ANYONE WANTS THE NEW BOTTLE BUT NO SECURITY LABEL ON IT, JUST GIVE ME A EMAIL OR COMMENT AND IT'S ALL YOURS.

OK, now the real reason I've named this post "Look at the Shirt."  That has become my new mantra now.  Today is day one of the two weeks before surgery and all I can have is my lovely strawberry protein drink, chicken broth, jello, and non-sugar, non-carbonated drink and of course, lots and lots of water I want.  I enjoyed my last Mt. Dew and pancakes drenched with syrup and butter.  My sweet hubby took me out to a late lunch yesterday and we had the times of our lives.  It was fun talking about how much we could do after I lost all my weight.  I could go back to work as a nurse, just like the good Lord intended me to.  We could go on reasonable vacations and leave my damn walker behind!  People wouldn't stare at me all the times.  I could walk a flight of stairs with no problems.  Oh, the list goes on and on!!

But it's sooooo damn hard right now to tell my stomach, "no, we cannot have pancakes or chocolate cake right now."  We want to fit into the adorable shirt I pictured here that my mother-in-law got for me.  I love that short, but when I tried it on when I first got it, I knew I couldn't wear it and have it be legal!!!  But the first time I CAN wear it and have it look good, I will be so happy and thrilled to photograph it for the blog!!!

Well, guess I'll go and have my tasteless strawberry protein drink (I hadn't realized they had one in chocolate!) and have some jello.  Actually, the jello is the best part of this diet!
I'll keep you all posted how this are going....probably in the afternoons.  This morning I hurt so bad passing out sounded like the best way to go.  It just has to get better. 

Hope you all have a great Sunday.

Big hugs,


  1. That. Shirt is beautiful and you are going to look like a hottie in it! I can not wait to see that picture...and you with your beautiful smile! Hang in there Missy, the best is yet to come!

  2. Missy
    I love your blog today and the Shirt is beautiful you are going to look great it in it.
    Your dad n I are praying for the outcome of your surgery. Keep your head up and things will go far. Can't wait until you & I meet in person, I really feel that I already know you!

    hugs n blessings
    Gina n Dad

  3. hi missy, it seems your going on shedule, and getting used to your protein drinks. keep up the good work, and will be following your blog to keep gina and i updated. another great blog done,
    and keep up the good work. gina and i are praying for you, and know your always on our thoughts.......
    we love you,
    dad n gina:) (((((((((((missy))))))))))) hugsss n more hugss

  4. Hoping the surgery went well......

  5. Hey girl. I know you are in a rough place right now with the protien drinks, dropping your meds, and prepping for your surgery...along with the emotional stress of it all. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and Frankie, and your entire medical team. I pray that your surgery comes off without a hitch, it is completely successful, and you have a very minimal recovery time. I wish I was nearby that I could give you a hug and hold your hand, but just know you are never far in my thoughts and prayers.



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