Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello, folks!

I know, I know...don't everyone drop their computers!  Today is the first day that I could even remotely think about dragging myself out of bed to the computer.  I can't stay long, my back and legs are already rebelling.  But I knew that some of my very good blogger friends would worry about me, so I made the effort.  It feels good to be able to blog again!

Let me tell you, I want to strangle the guy (or girl) who came up with this liquid diet with the yummy protein drinks!  I've been to Hell and back with severe diarrhea, vomiting and weakness so bad I couldn't even hold my head up straight.  I've been in bed so long, I think I've termed the phrase "bed head"!  The first week (last week) I was on what is called "whey" protein and my body reacted so badly to it, I almost landed in the ER.  I called the Bariatric Clinic and the nurse and dietician suggested to switch it to "soy protein."  They also said I could be lactose intolerant.  Let me tell you, I was born and raised on milk.  I LOVE dairy products.  So how could that happen?  At any rate, so far, I let my stomach rest yesterday and today I started the new soy drinks and so far, so good.  I've had almost two drinks today and they have stayed in my stomach.  We are making progress.

I'm scared to death about Monday, but then I can't wait for it to be over and I can start the recovery process.  And losing weight.  That is very exciting!  And going back on my arthritis meds that I had to stop for surgery....that is very exciting, too!  Maybe I can walk better and without my trusty cane!  So everyone please pray for me on Monday.  I won't blog again until it's over, so don't worry if you don't see a post until the end of next week.  Maybe Gina will put on her blog how the surgery goes, because Dad said they would call me after the surgery.  I had a very good talk with him last night!  Gina couldn't talk, so I missed speaking with her last night.  :0(

I hope you all are doing well and I think about you often.
Pray my recovery goes well!

These are my last few days with my whole stomach!!  Next week I'll only have 25 percent left!  Come weight loss!!!

Hugs to all,


  1. Missy, I got alarmed when I read the first part of your post, then felt better knowing you had recovered. Your weight didn't come on overnight. It's going to take a bit to lose it. I congratulate you on having the surgery and am excited for you. I know people who've had the operation and are quite happy with the positive improvements in their lives. However, I also had (note, past tense) who took Fen-fen to lose weight gained from not smoking. She died. Fen-fen affected her heart.

    So, steady as she goes, girl. And good luck with the surgery.

  2. Missy
    we are sorry that you have been sick :( hang in there hun everything will come out great you will be in the best care *not the dr's but the hands of God will be around you* although the dr's will do a super job also. I missed talking with you also...we are going to call you tonight ;) Your dad and I are making tentative plans about being together in a couple of weeks if things go this week the way we want. We didn't not include you on the plans as plans you know get broken.....Just were getting excited about being together through eternity :)

    Hugs n blessings
    Gina n dad

  3. Hi Missy!!

    I do hope the surgery goes well for you. I will send some prayers your way! I am glad the soy shakes are doing better for you. I am so sorry the other stuff has caused you so much problems! I do hope that you will be better with the new stuff. Good luck on Monday! I think about you a lot and hope this works for you.

  4. Missy,
    It was so good hearing from you. As you know, I am a worry wart and when I do not hear from you, the worrying begins! I am happy to hear you are feeling better and the soy is working.
    You are always in my thoughts and prayers. You have a long road ahead but you can do it. Remember how many people love you and are pulling for you.

    Heavenly Father,
    Please wrap you loving arms around Missy as she prepares to have her surgery. Please guide her physicians, give them wisdom, strength,steady hands and bless them as they take care of our Sister in Christ.
    Be with Missy during her days of recovery, give her strength, and courage, as she begins this new chapter of her life. Be with her nurses, grant them wisdom and compassion as the attend to our dear friend.
    Grant Frankie peace of mind while he waits during the surgery. Let him feel your presence and know your love.
    We know you are the Great Physician and the True Healer, and we lift up Miisy to you.
    In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

  5. I'm glad you are doing better. My system has never done well with Whey protein either. Hopefully, now that you are on soy you will see some major improvement!

  6. Missy,
    This is my first time on you site. I wish you well on your surgery. I am post-stomach stapling (not by pass) 10 years now, and would do it again in a heart beat. My weight loss was not as drastic as it would have been had I done the bypass, however, at that time it was relatively new and still not as accepted. I was over 400 lbs probably approaching 450. I lost 130 and maintained that since. I have yo-yo'd a bit up and down, however in the past 7 months I have lost more weight and I am down to my lowest since Jr. High at 250 lbs. I have maintained my smaller stomach size and still get ill if I eat to much. I did the surgery due to diabetes and thyroid issues. About 3 years ago I started having issues and after every test in the book and giving more blood for blood test than a vampire would need to live for a year, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also have a migraine condition called hemicrania continua which basically means I am in constant agony from a migraine that will never go away. It will just be altered by meds. Also I have occipital neuralgia. I know how you feel about being in bed. It sucks. You will feel better after the surgery, but you will need time to adjust. Simple suggestion, don't push yourself and don't get frustrated. Good luck and may god watch over you. If you get a chance, check out my blog, I am just giving out info on what I am feeling and my day to day stuff too.


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