Saturday, April 2, 2011


Howdy, my fine folks!!  Please forgive this post if it seems all over the the place...that is how my mind is working these days!!

Ok, let me get this unfortunate (I think!) news out into the open right now.  The Pain Drops Give-away has just ended, as stated on the previous post.  I've got one perfect bottle, security seal intact, waiting for someone to win it.  And then, through the fault of a my own, by sheer and total accident, removed the security seal on the other bottle of Pain Drops.  Why, you ask?  I guess I thought it was one or my five thousand medicines that needed to be opened.  NOT ONE DROP CAME OUT OF THE BOTTLE, so it is still perfectly brand new.  Just no security cover.  I am so very sorry!!!  I feel like such an idiot!!

So here is the thing:  I still have the one bottle with the security cover intact and I have the bottle that hasn't been used, but NO security cap.  It is up to you:  Should I just give away ONE bottle and lessen you chance to win in half or give the two away as is.  For those of you that entered the contest, please respond to THIS POST.  I'll wait another day or two and the give away just the one bottle.  Please forgive me for being such a stupid bimbo!!  :(

Well, a few days ago I went to the pre-op appointment and saw the nurse, the doctor, the dieticition and then we went over to the hospital to the surgical department where I met the anesthesiologist.  He was a really nice guy.  He said my neck was kind of thick, though, which might make putting a breathing tube hard down my throat.  He said he might have to do it with me sedated, but partially awake, and then put the tube down like that.  I wasn't too found of that option, either, but I'll do whatever it takes to make me go to sleep and NOT feel the surgery!!!!

And then, my dear primary doctor, forgot to leave a prescription for my Atenolol, which lowers my heart beat and blood pressure.  I'll have to call her office on Monday and ask her to STAT one over to Walgreens.   We got all my other post-op meds filled, which consisted of liquid Lortab and Milk of Mag.  Yummy!!!

Tomorrow is Day One of the beginning of my new life.  I start the protein drinks 4 times a day and the bariatric clear liquids: jello, chicken and/or beef broth.  This goes on for two weeks and has the purpose of shrinking the liver for surgery.  Afterward, I exercise more and more and the bariatric full liquid diet starts: puddings, protein drinks, skim milk, ec.

WOW.  I just cannot believe I have come this far.  Back in December, it seemed like I would never overcome the mountain the paper to consume.  All the testing and waiting to see if my insurance would cover it.  What a roller coaster ride this whole thing has been!!!

Thank you for listening and being there for me.  I really appreciate each and everyone of you.  Sorry for the sappiness....I think I'll go ready to put my feet up and say night night!

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow and let me know about the new contest posts.


  1. Missy,
    Do what ever you think is right about the contest.
    Keep us posted on your liquid diet..Good Luck!
    Night Night,

  2. hi missy,
    i am happy things are finally getting done, and your getting ready for your surgery soon. gina and i are keep you in our prayers, and we are pulling for you. i hope things go well with your liquid diet,
    and im sure you will do your best concerning the contest. keep us posted, and know gina and i are with you....and sending you lot's of hugsss. (((((((((((missy))))))))))
    we love you
    dad n gina:)

  3. Good luck with the new lifestyle! I am anxious to hear how well everything will be going for you (I know it will!). I hope you have a restful day for the rest of the day!


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