Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quickie Update

Howdy, friends!  I just wanted to do a quick update on everything, just so you know I'm still alive and kicking.  I AM alive, but the kicking is a little shaky.  I'm having EXTREME problems with getting my regular medical doctor to write one little sentence on her prescription note pad:  "Patient is cleared for surgery."  That's it!  Nothing else. No histories, plans or potions required.  Just that ONE sentence.  She did write a vague paragraph with the effect of "the surgeon will have to make up his own determination if I am ready for surgery."  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It's almost like she is sabotaging me!  And I need her clearance for the surgery!  So I've done those tests for nothing!!

I've got a very bad headache and my legs are killing me.  I am in full fibro flare-up, with a migraine to add to it.  God, I love my life!  So I'm going back to bed.  I hope you all are OK.  I will write more when I feel better, if there IS such a state.

Jack is doing well with his antibiotic and is happily sleeping on my massager slippers like he always does.  He's such a good boy!

God bless you all.
Love n' hugs,
Thanks, Gina, for the new spring siggy!



  1. What is wrong with the woman?? If you passed all your tests..what is the problem!!?? Just take her pathetic paragraph to the Bariatric Doc and see what he says. if the ticker, plumbing and lungs are OK..you should be good to go!

    Keep the faith,
    God is watching over you,

  2. Missy
    just keep your head up! don't let this get you down. I agree with what Shawn says take that note to the surgeon. I got the raining hearts :) I also left you a note on yesterday's (tuesday) blog.

    Hugs n LOVE
    dad n gina

  3. hi missy,
    gina and i are keeping you in our prayers, and we enjoyed our talking with you last night. know that we are thinking of you, and will be talking with you soon.
    we love you,
    dad n gina:)

  4. Missy,
    I heard from Gina and she said you are not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better today, if you are up to e mailing, let me know how you are.
    Thinking about you,


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