Monday, November 8, 2010

New Fibro Forum Video!

Hi, everyone!

I usually don't post three times in one day, but I couldn't figure out a way to put some text in with the video, "Faces Of Fibromyalgia 2010"  that I just posted before this post.  It just is beyond my limited Internet capabilities....LOL!  Anyway, this video is FANTASTIC!  You have to watch it.  Just go to my blog archive for today and you will see it listed by its name.  It was made by Sally, my co-host of the fibro support group on facebook called "Fibrowhat?" and "Fibrowhat? Forum" .  When you have a moment, please check out the video AND our support forums!  We welcome anyone that has fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or ANY of the "Invisible diseases" and their caregivers or loved ones to be part of our "family."  We offer compassion, understanding, support and if you just feel like "venting" we have a special area just for that on the forum.  Both groups are FREE and DO require registration (which doesn't take long at all!) as they are closed to the public.  We do this to limit spammers and our members can feel more comfortable talking about their medical history when they know it's not being blasted all over the Internet.

While I have you here, my rheumatology appointment went well.  My twitch was there, but only mildly.  My speech was a lot better, too.  My husband only had to help out a few times.  The doc wants me to drop the prednisone down by 2 1/2 mg per week with a goal being 5mg a day.  He said that it won't be that much of a "jolt" to my body.  I had some labs done to check my "inflammatory markers" and he gave me prescriptions for the prednisone, flexeril and trazadone.  It was a gorgeous ride to the doctor's office.  We had our windows down and sun roof open for most of the trip.  I love it when it's the 70's in Arizona.  Breezy and comfortable and I don't sweat at all.  Oh, and I also lost 12 pounds!  Woooo hooooo!!!!!  I bet most of it was water weight, but still.  12 pounds!!!  2 pounds over what my primary care doctor wanted me to strive to lose!!  When I learned that, my twitch seemed to get better.  So it is a mental thing with me.  When my body feels overly stressed, it comes out with this stupid twitch.  I just felt horrible when I gained the last time when I saw my primary doc and she was disappointed in me.  I was too.  Good thing we figured it out and the twitch has dramatically improved.  My crazy body!!

Alrighty, hope everything is good for your Monday and you feel healthy and ready to take on the challenges of the world......or, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself!!  Maybe just the challenges of YOUR life!!!

Gentle hugs,

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  1. Congratulation on the 12 lb weight loss..that is fantastic. Give yourself some credit and do not say it is just water loss! You are AWESOME and do not forget that!


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