Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Insurance Woes!

Howdy, everyone!

Just thought I'd vent a little bit and tell you about my day.  It started out with me calling my doctor's gal that handles referrals and she started out by telling me that Care 1st (my insurance) does NOT cover the psychiatric doctor that I have an appointment with in one week!  When were they going to tell me this?  I then proceeded to tell her that when I called the doctor's office LAST WEEK that they were working on getting on the authorization code from the insurance company so I can go to my appointment.  I figured it was in their hands and didn't worry any more about it.

Today, however, I find out differently and that my insurance doesn't cover it.  Here we go again!!  I was just in a panic by this point.  What am I going to do?  The psychiatric evaluation alone cost $400.00.  We can't afford that!!  I didn't have time to work on it by making phone calls, because it was almost time for my hubby's psychiatric appointment so we had to go to that.  If you are late or a "no show" they charge you $75.00!!  So we go to that.  He tells me on the way there that he thinks his skin picking is worse than BEFORE seeing the doctor.  He has four new open sores on his left hand.  As if we didn't have enough problems!!!!  Grrrr......

After the doctor's appointment (which he has referred him to a psychologist, which I wanted in the first place so Frankie can try to figure out WHY he does this!), we go put his prescriptions in at the pharmacy and they call on the cell phone that one is too soon and the other requires a doctor authorization, which they have already started the process on.  Thank God for small wonders!!
We then go to the grocery store to stock up on drinks for preparation for Thanksgiving.  Frankie now has to get one of the store carts now as my legs are sooo bad and I can barely stand to stand on one of them for a few seconds.  The other leg is just as bad.  The neuropathy is sure at its max with the burny, fiery pain in both legs.  The were very helpful in Fry's though.  People holding doors for me and at the checkout the employee helped us checkout!  Then, when we were at the car, another employee helped by loading our groceries into the trunk for us.   He even returned the cart for us.  I couldn't believe it!

We get home and while waiting for our lunch to cook, the phone rings.  It's Banner Bariatrics and they were returning my call.  I told her what happened with the other phone calls and she was very surprised by it.  She stated, "I've worked at this for 10 years and Care 1st DOES accept your insurance.  They obviously didn't put the right diagnosis codes in.  I'll talk care of it myself!!"  I thanked her profusely for helping me.  She gave me the number to cancel the psychiatrist appointment, because unfortunately, the authorization may not be done by that time.  So I called up the psychiatrist and canceled and rescheduled the appointment.  I told her the situation and she said that the earliest appointment was December 29th.  I took it!!!    Hopefully things will continue to work out OK for me!!!  Although I have to wait another month!!

Hope your day has gone great and are excited about Thanksgiving.  It'll be great to have friends and family over to celebrate.  And my grandma is coming in December!!!  I'm so excited!! :0)  I've missed her so much and we'll have so much to catch up on.  :)

One more piece of exciting news:  Gina from the blog "My Life in a blog" has given me a blogger award!!  Isn't that sweet?  I'm just beyond words right now.  The award is profiled in the left sidebar of the blog.  Thank you so much, Gina!! I love it!!

Alright, I hope this post finds you all in good health and happy spirits.  I'll write again soon!!!

God bless you all!!
Until next post,


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog because it always seems that no matter what you go through, you keep your positive attitude. I appreciate you sharing with us. Thank you!

  2. Missy, hang in there because things HAVE to start looking up for you and Hubby! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  3. Missy hun Your blog is wonderful! Your dad and I are praying everyday for you!!

    Your very welcome for the award :) it't the least I can do for my soon to be daughter ;-)
    For those of you who are wondering what is going on...Missy's dad and I are engaged! wahoo!!! :)

    Keep up the good work. It was great hearing you and your dad on the phone about the memories :)) you can never replace those.

    Gina & Dad


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