Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another "Whew" Day!

Howdy, ho!
Hope this post finds you all in good spirits and feeling good.  I have another "whew" moment today, even though my hubby and I didn't do too much.  Not as much as yesterday, anyway.  I did have a shower today and even with my new shower chair, it still is really hard for me to bend to get to my feet.  The shower is so dinky and I'm so big, I feel like an elephant in a china shop!  I've got bruises on my leg and arm from repeatedly banging them against the shower door.  But I'm happy to have the shower really make a difference.

After my shower, we went down to Checkers auto place in search of touch up paint for our champagne colored Toyota Camry.  Yesterday, when we were at the bank, the outside mirror got the bad end of the yellow pole in front of the ATM.  Frankie misjudged the distance and pulled in too close and wacked the pole.  So our mirror was a lovely shade of yellow!  I'm just glad it didn't rip the mirror right off the car.  Anyways, the Checker guy and my hubby came out (I waited in the car. No more triple digit weather-yay!) of the store to look at the mirror.  He thought some rubbing compound and a towel would do the trick.  They trotted back inside the store and emerged carrying the cream and a towel.  The check-out guy said it was a slow day for him, so he took care of the mirror himself!  How sweet is that?  So our mirror is good as new!  And we'll be sure to stay away from yellow poles!  Our car is so pretty and shiny after its wash, it's our "baby" too, along with Jack.

Speaking of Jack, my lil' fuzzy friend, needed some allergy pills so after Checker, we went to Walmart Marketplace and got some allergy pills for Jack, chapstick for us and some odds n' ends.  We have to be careful and plan out his check exactly right and so far, so good.  I want to rebuild our credit report and get it out of the gutter.  Walmart just about did my leg in.  I had to stop about 40 times and sit down on the seat part of my walker.  My husband is so sweet, though.  He never complains about having to stop so much.  While we were in Walmart, he was starting to feel sick to his stomach and he hadn't even had his cancer pill yet.  So we got some Tums and that helped some.  We came home and had lunch and he took the rest of his pills.

I've had so much allergy medication, I'm jittery.  The wind has kicked up here, blowing around nasty pollen, so everyone is carrying Kleenex and has taken an antihistimine of some sort!  I think I'll end this post and take a little nap.

Thank you so much, everyone who commented on my blog's background.  From the moment I saw it, I had to have it!  It's a "template" and you install it by blogger.  The blog I got it from is so cute, too. The link is at the very top of my blog and at the very bottom of my blog.  I really appreciate your input, so thank you!!!

Alrighty, that'll about do for today. You all have a good one!
Hugs & prayers,
Until next post,


  1. I love Walmart! They have scooters that I use and maybe that would be better for your leg. All the employees are so helpful too. I hope your leg is feeling better tonight now that you are resting. i am resting today too. Darn cold. Even my eyes are running. Yuck, my right eye is so bloodshot it looks funny. I will get better shortly that is for sure. i am taking it easy and resting.

  2. Your blog decor is SO cute!!! I just found you blog and look forward to reading more about your life. I have just recently been diagnosed with fibro. and chronic fatigue. The blog world is great though for learning more about life with fibro.! I'm going to be home alone all evening so I am going to rest too:) Have a great weekend!


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