Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Emergency Smoke!

You will ONLY hear me say this ONE time in my life.....Thank goodness my mother is up in Heaven and NOT aware of the picture I'm about to post of her for "Wordless Wednesday."  This picture just goes to show that you CAN do TWO things at once!!!  LOL.....

Forgive me, Mom......
It made me very happy that she quit smoking shortly after this picture.  She was going in for a hip replacement and didn't want to be in the middle of nicotene withdrawal along with pain and physical therapy!!  And she STAYED quit, too!!  WooHoo, Mom!
God bless,
Until next post,
Thanks, Gina, for the risky siggy....LOVE IT!


  1. Missy I love your blog today :) too funny and yes I hope your mom is laughing with us. and maybe she is thinking she's gonna get you. I will fix the blog link on yesterday's blog no wonder it hasn't worked. Glad you like the siggy. Got another 8" of snow and its 14 now with wind chill of -6 (((burrr is all i can say)))

    Hugs n blessings
    Gina and dad

  2. Brrrrr is right!!! Keep each other warm over the burning phone lines....:0)

  3. Missy I only kidding with your dad about the north gate....its just a funny between us :)
    I do it cause he can take it ;-)

    love your blog today
    hugs n love
    Gina n Dad


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