Monday, February 7, 2011

A Quickie

Howdy!  Unfortunately, we are booked solid with doctor appointments today that I can't do Java's blog hop today. :(  My husband just got back from the primary care doctor and told him all about his hospital stay and nausea and vomiting.  The doctor has put Frankie on a low protein diet, as protein is difficult to digest.  He only has to do this for a couple of days.  And he gave him something stronger for the nausea than compazine.  It's called Zofran and is used in chemo therapies that make you very ill.  The pill just slips under the tongue and will get into this system faster.  So he will be taking a Zofran and Reglan in the AM 30 minutes before breakfast and see if that will prevent it from going back out to the toilet!!!!  I hope so!  I really feel for him.

Well, we are off to the oncologist now.  Hope you all have a great day and please sign my guest book down at the bottom of my blog if you haven't already done so.  I would really appreciate it!!  Thank you!!!

God bless!
Until next post,


  1. Missy I absolutely love the blog you did with your dad & is great :) I loved all of it. Like I have told you hun I am not wanting to replace your mom, I just want to make your dad happy, and being your friend/step-mom (makes me feel so honored) (we've had this talk about neither of us having kids.....but you know God has blessed me so many other ways, and hay I will be your step mom, and we will be able to talk about "things". I want you to know if you ever need me I will be right there.

    Hugs n Blessings
    Gina ;)
    I tried to comment on the actual blog but it wouldn't click to give me the option.

  2. Missy hun I know we are all individuals *that is what makes us who we are* But just know that I am always here for you if you need.

    Hugs n Blessings
    Gina & dad

  3. hi missy,
    thank you for the wonderful blog you done about me, and i appreciate it very very much! someday, i would like to talk about those 39 yrs of good memories, that you...and am sure gina would like to hear with us. missy, i aslo want to thank you again, and say how wonder ful a daughter you are and the strength you have shown towards gina and i, the past months. gina
    has show me such grace and happiness. she continues to be the light of my day, when two yrs. ago it was darkened so. she has done so much to make me want to strive ahead, and has
    continued to amaaze me with her determination and wit. i dearly love you gina, and dad and i love you missy.
    ((((((((((((((missy)))))))))))))))) hugsss
    snd gina

  4. Sorry to hear things are still so rough. :( Praying for you guys!!

    Thanks for your sweet encouragement lately. Even when I couldn't respond right away, I really appreciate you reaching out. It means a lot!! {gentle hugs}

  5. Thank you so much, gina! You're a real gem! :0) Dad has good taste!!


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