Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Blast From the Past...and BIG NEWS!

Howdy, friends!!!

I bet you all have been wondering what happened to me as I haven't blogged in over a week.  Big thank you to Shawn who actually wrote in my guest book to wish me well and wondered where I was at over this past week.  Thank you, Shawn.  It's always nice to be missed!  :0)

This past week was NOT my best week.  I've had severe flare-up and every time I would sit upright, fire would spread throughout my legs and feet.  Not fun!  And it didn't take it very long to start, either.  I would be up for a minute and then my feet would be horrible!!  My lower back wasn't much better, either. So that is why I couldn't blog very much this week.  I missed you all like crazy!  I wish I had a lap top, so when those flare-ups happened, I'd be all set!  I could lay in bed and tap away and keep up with you all! (This is another little hint for my dear ole' dad for a lap top!!  He got HIS as a gift from his brother & sister...and he wasn't even having surgery!!  How do you like that!!)  Also, if anyone is selling a lap top, please let me know.  If the price is right, I'll nab it!  I want a lap top soooo bad!

My feet are starting up again, so I'm gonna hurry and let you all in on the BIG NEWS.  I was approved this past week for my bariatric surgery!!!!  Isn't that great?  I've had to go to the diagnostic test lab twice this week, on Monday to get a chest x-ray and again on Tuesday to get the abdomen & legs ultrasound.  I will be be getting the labs and the upper GI on March 24.  Isn't that horrible that I gotta wait until another whole month for those tests?  Something about they are all booked up and the earliest in was March.  Luckily, I passed the BIG test....I can get my surgery!!!!!!!  Yippppeee!!!

Nothing much else going on here except my surgery news.  I'm so excited (and scared!) and I thank each and every one of you for praying for me.  There are strength in numbers and God has heard us all.  Thank you, Jesus and to you, all my friends!!!

Hope your life is going OK.  I'm gonna try and look around at blogs and see what's happening.  I pray for each and every one of you!!!

I'll keep in touch better, I promise.  Even if just to give you an update.  I'll leave you with a parting picture of Jack....looking so nervous about his mommy's update surgery! Cats...gotta love 'em!

God bless you all,


  1. Missy, you had me so worried! I even went to Gina's site to inquire about you. Thank goodness you and Frankie are OK.
    I am happy that your prayers have been answered. Did they give you an estimated surgery date? Keep me posted.
    Again, I am so glad to hear you are OK. I was so used to reading your post that when I did not see anything for a week......well let's just say I worry about my friends!

  2. hey missy if that is jack when he is nervous i would hate to see him when he is relaxed. glad to hear about you getting your surgery soon. waiting is the hardest thing i think. take care and lots of gentle hugs for this coming week.

  3. He probably won't be too relaxed when I go to the hospital for a few days !! I sure will miss him and the rest of hospital, no doubt! But I'm happy it was approved!

  4. Congratulations Missy!!! I am so glad you were approved!!!! How wonderful!!! I do hope you have a better week this week. My knee is having a lovely flare at this time. Yuck, but hey what can I do? not much about it.

  5. Thank you, Heather! I am so happy to be starting another life, too. Maybe it will help my body aches and pains. Hope you are doing well! :0)

  6. Thank you so much for your concern. That's funny you should inquire at Gina's site. I had just spoken with her and asked if she could write a short note about me and what is going on. The Lord words in mysterious ways!!!! Thanks for thinking about me. :0)

  7. Missy, It says here that “bariatric surgery is appropriate when patients treatment goals are not being met with the traditional treatment protocol,” the case for your situation?

    Hope your having a stellar day!


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