Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hello, friends!!

I hope I didn't spell aggravated wrong, but I really AM too aggravated to care!!  So please forgive me if I spell things wrong.  :0)

Remember me talking about in an earlier post about the Literati e-reader I got for Christmas?  Well, that rotten thing has been nothing but a big pain in my big butt!!  I have spent the good part of three days now trying to get the damn thing to work.  I did NOTHING else but work on that damn thing.  I didn't even get to my blogging. (Sorry!) Or my email or anything else I enjoy about the computer.  The problem, I think, is the wireless feature does NOT's only worked ONCE since I got it and now all is says is it can't sync to the server.  I can't get it on our network, the Quest password is too long and the Literati won't accept it.  So I tried some wi-fi aound town and even then it wouldn't accept it.  So much for that.  So I tried the sync route, that has to work, right?  WRONG!  It had errors syncing with its own service!!!  And then if I was lucky enough to get a book on the Literati, it didn't have a cover.  What's a book without a cover?  Yeeeeesh!!!  So I'm sending this piece of **** back to where I bought it.  I have to send it Fed-Ex, how they sent it to me and put insurance on it.  If anyone wants to steal that thing, they are in for a treat! that's what I've been up to recently.  I'm going back to good ole' books.  You can't beat the smell of a brand new book, and it has a title on it!  :0)  Maybe someday I can get what I really want.....a Nook.  But they are too expensive for me.  I got the Literati for $79.99, but look what happened there!!

Enough of that!  I've had enough headache over it.  It's done with.  I still haven't heard from the bariatric clinic, so hopefully next week.  I wish it would worry up so I can get the testing done.  I'll have to have an ABG (arterial blood gas) and those hurt so bad, I've heard.  They poke you on the inner side of wrist and go deep down in to get the artery.  Sounds fun, huh?  And then I'll need an upper GI, which is the same test my husband needs.  He sees his primary doc on Monday, thank God.  I told him we could go in as a husband-wife special on upper GI's!!

Frankie is doing the same....still vomiting almost every day.  We tried everything.  We talked it over with his pain specialist and we are going to decrease the amount of Fentanyl that he gets via skin patch.  Today I change his patches.  His appetite is incredibly great and he eats all that he used to, just smaller portions.  So I don't get what is going on.  We may NEVER find out why and he'll go on puking his guts out over the toilet every day.  Very frustrating for him and for me.   We both just wish for one good day between us and so far haven't found it!!  So please pray for us.

As for me.....what's with this FREEZING COLD?  I mean, yesterday morning it was COLDER here than in Flagstaff at 21 degrees!!  My dad sure isn't doing a very good job at getting the north gate closed.... :0)  We kid him about that when the weather is rotten by saying he needs to keep that gate closed!  LOL.  Because of this cold, I've been so stiff I can't even move around.  My joints feel fused together.  To stand up and walk is torture.  So I jumped up the prednisone to 15mg until I hear from the bariatric clinic.  When I have an actual date for the surgery, then I'll wean back down.  It was crazy of me to lower it when it's so cold out.  I mean, why be more miserable than you have to?

Well, that about wraps it up.  I'm going to be doing another page on my's going to be a special surprise for two important people in my life.  So be watching for it!!!

Here's some pics of Jackie.  The first one is him with my new pink tote/purse.  I found I was carrying so many things and they were bursting out of my old one.  I tried by leaving some of them out, but whenever I went somewhere, I would need the things I left at home!!  So my idea was to carry a tote bag.  And so far I love does Jack!!
The second picture is of Frankie and Jackie doing what they do best....laying on the bed!!  My two lazy bones!!!  I don't have that much energy, either, to tell you the truth!!
Isn't that a neat tote/purse?  I love the color.  I got it at Walmart on sale for $9.00.  I love Walmart...especially since they have those carts you can use in the store.  :0)
Two peas in a pod!!

Well, folks, hope you have a great weekend and I hope it is pain free for everyone!!  I'll leave you with two words that mean so much to me:  PAIN SUCKS!!

Big soft hugs,
God bless ya all!


  1. Sorry they can't find the reason for Frankie's problem--hope you get good news soon about you r surgery.. Strong prayers and gentle hugs to you and Frankie

  2. I am sorry your ereader isn't any good. Guess I won't get that one! I will save for a nook. Then we will both have one. I do hope they find out what is up with frankie! That has to be terrible for the man! and for you too! Ugh! I hope you find out about the surgery next week!!!! Keeping our fingers and toes crossed here!

  3. Thank you so much, Heather, for your sweet replies and for faithfully reading my blog. I read yours, too. Hope you are having a good day...stay warm!!! :0)


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