Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's A Better Day - I Think!

Hello, my dear friends!

Sorry about my tirade yesterday about the e-reader.  Oh, how I wanted to throw it out the window!!  I still do, but not as badly.  At least I managed to get some help via chat support with Adobe Digital Editions.  Part of the problem was I had over-activated the device, so it wouldn't accept anything onto the reader because the books are naturally copy-right material.  And Adobe has to accept each piece of equipment that will be taking these books.  Once my tech support guy re-activated my account, I could put books back onto the reader.  Yay for that.  A lot of the books have either NO covers or generic, so picking out a book is like going to a book shelf with a blind fold on.  What you grab is what you get!!  But a least I think I can make it now until I save up a hundred years for the Nook I want so badly. (This being a hint to my dad, Gina, my hubby, and anyone who will take pity on me!!  A nook would help me recover very nicely from the big scary surgery I might be having soon.....).

I did have a chuckle in all my distress yesterday.  My assistant, who shall remain nameless, was helping me to no end:
Helping me do WHAT, I have NO idea!!  I guess he thought he would fit in there for a nice, cozy nap.  He's in the box that I was going to package that hunk of junk Literati in and he beat me to it.  That's a cat for ya!!  :0)
I don't think I have a single box or purse that this cat HASN'T been in.  He doesn't care if he fits really well into it at all, either!  That's my boy!!
No other news to report, except that I changed Frankie's pain patch down to 125mcg yesterday and he has vomited twice since.  I guess it takes time to leave the body, if this is indeed the cause of the vomiting.  I don't think we'll ever know.  He sees his doctor (primary care) on Monday, who will probably refer him out to a gastro-intestinal doctor.

I still haven't heard about my surgery yet.  My legs are slightly better, now that I am back on to the 15mg of Prednisone.  As soon as I hear, I'll drop it back down to 10mg.  It's such a hard drug to live without!!!

Hope you all are having a great day.  I got the special page up for my dad & Gina.  I don't know if they have seen it yet, but I hope they like it.  Everyone else please go take a peak at it.  Let me know what you think.  :0)

Have a good night and I'll see how I'm doing tomorrow.  I may participate in Java's "Meet Me On Monday" blog hop.  That is so fun!!  But we shall see how the ole' back and legs are doing.

God bless ya all!
Until next post,


  1. .I hope you get your Nook (I have a Kindle). When I saw the Literati for sale at CVS, I wondered if it was any good. Unless you're looking for a Nook Color, the Nooks was less than the Literati! I bought my son a Kindle for $139 .

  2. I really WOULD like a Nook with color but at this point, would take anything over what i got now. I was swindled!! I hate being swindled!!! Thank ou for our input. iI"ll lok over the Kindle as it has gotten very good reviews. :0)


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