Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Break

Hello, everyone!

I'm so sorry to not have posted in a long time.  Heck, 3 days IS a long time in computer time, isn't it?  A lot can happen in 3 days!!  Not too much has been going on here, I just have had a HORRIBLE time with my right leg and foot.  My foot is almost always burning, it feels like someone has a fire torch on it 24/7.  And if that weren't enough torture, my thigh muscle keeps cramping and hurting.  And throw in some low back pain from my compressed lumbar vertabrae and you've got ME in a nutshell!!!

We are in for some kind of a storm but it hasn't happened for us in Phoenix yet.  Or at least over our lil' house.  The humidity is up, though, I can feel it in my bones.  What they say is can tell the weather from your bones if you've got arthritis.  Anyway, the wind has definitely picked up and the sky shows nasty storm clouds.  Other than that, we've had good weather here the past week.  Can't complain about that!  :0)

Frankie and I have been in bed, watching retro TV, all day yesterday and we probably will again tonight.  Retro TV is soooo cool!  We've been watching old TV shows like "Incredible Hulk", "A-Team", "Knight Rider", "Rockford Files" and "Dragnet."  I love it when they show those old commercials, too.  So thank you to Prescott, AZ for providing our entertainment the past 3 days!!  :0)

Frankie was doing very well with his vomiting and hadn't done it all week, UNTIL last night and he really vomited for all he was worth!  Poor guy.  I know he hates this and so do I.  But I'm powerless to stop it.  We have tried everything!!  So if anyone knows of an old (or new!) trick to stop nausea/vomiting, let us know!!

OK....a few days ago I received an email from this lady in the London, UK region who said she stumbled upon my blog and loved it, so she featured it on her website and in her blog directory.  I'm gonna try to link to her site via the link she sent me on the side bar.  I'll put it on the right side bar, underneath my Twitter box.  Please visit her site and give her blog some "love", as they say!  And thank you to Sheila (the owner of the site) for featuring my lil' blog in your directory!

That's it for now.  My right leg has had it and it's all numb.  It's just been so BAD recently!!  Pray for me that it will get better.  As a parting gift, let me leave you with a fantastic Michael W. Smith song (I mean really....which song of his is NOT fantastic?) called "This Is Your Time."  My mom and I just absolutely loved this song!  Enjoy!

Hope you all have a GREAT Saturday!!  Love n' hugs to all of you!!
PS....I still haven't heard anything from the Bariatric clinic about my surgery.  I'll have to call again on Monday and see what's up.  My guess is they haven't heard anything back, yet.  Gotta love insurance companies!!!


  1. Hon, I kinda went thru what you're going thru sometime ago. My hub said I was dehydrated and, as it turned out, I was. I can't suggest enough that you drink fluids NOW (including lots of OJ.) If you are stressed (and this burning feeling increases stress, a vicious circle) do deep breathing to remove the carbon dioxide from your system (but not so much that you get light-headed; just enough to relax.) Also, check your salt intake. Too much salt can cause the muscles to 'freeze'. Hope you feel better soonest. I feel for you!!!

  2. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it! I don't add too much salt when I eat and both my hubby and I drink anything in sight...LOL!

  3. hi missy, i hope you and franklin are feeling better, and gina and i have you in our prayers. missy, gina and i are your number 1 fans and we will be in your corner for you. gina says hello and we are sending you lot's of hugsssssssss
    ((((((((((((((((( missy )))))))))))))))) hugsss
    we love you missy,
    dad and gina :)

  4. hey you might try some pringles to help with nauseau- any flavor but plain tasted best and worked with me- but I used them all when I went thru chemo a few years back- that and sonic apple juice slushies- they melt and still taste good when you are in and out of puke state. Praying for you all

  5. So sorry for all that you and Frankie are going through!! We send our prayers and love across the blogosphere! Hope the surgery thing comes through for you soon too. Many hugs {{}}

  6. Hey...sorry you two are not well. I keep you both in my prayers. We have been all fighting a bug around here. Fevers, body aches and headaches. I know I will be so happy for spring to arrive. Open the windows, air out the house. Lots of hugs. Love you both,


  7. Missy,
    I hope things are OK. You have not posted in several days and that is not like you. I am sending love and prayers your way.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us we have conical pain by illness and it makes us good to read your experiences with fibromyalgia. Many are already tired of prescription drugs to counteract the pain as vicodin or norco, but hope and hope some workaround someday. There are sites online as Findrxonline which indicates that these medicines have side effects and we do not want to end up being puppets of life.


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