Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Draining Experience

Hello, friends!

Well, the weekend had its ups and downs with Frankie and his gastric drainage. On Saturday we were really happy that he had a significant drop in the amount only to return on Sunday and see that he had more than made up for it in the night.  The nurse explained that the tube wasn't all the way down into his stomach, so it couldn't get get all the drainage on the bottom of his stomach.  I should have known!  Anyway, he had another abdominal X-ray and CT scan on Monday (he's had enough of them he should be radioactive or glow in the dark by now!) and the nurse told us the preliminary report showed NO obstruction anymore.  He still has the hematoma, though, that showed up on previous X-rays and this is due to his recent surgery.  Frankie told us that he saw the doctor in the elevator on the way back up to his room after his CT scan and the doc said he would be placing a drain in the hematoma to get all the blood out of it and maybe that would also help the gastric drainage go down into his intestines like its supposed to.

I was really bummed out as I wanted to talk with the surgeon to get the full report myself.  I love my husband dearly, but he only gets bits and pieces of the conversation and doesn't ask very many questions.  I went early yesterday morning (Monday) to stake out a doctor from the surgery group and luckily one came in and answered some of my questions.  And she ordered the radiology examinations.  At least this time Frankie didn't have to drink the citrus contrast, as the nurse used a syringe and put it down his NG tube.  He hates ALL fruits (can you believe THAT?) and would just cringe to have to drink that contrast for his every 3 month CT scan!

Today, Tuesday, my mother-in-law and I visited Frankie in the afternoon and he had a wonderful surprise for us!  He actually POOPED!  Unfortunately, it gave him NO warning and he had quite a mess to be cleaned up by the staff, but things are starting to wake up and move right on down like they are supposed to.  Isn't it just sick that we should get so excited over that? Almost like we're potty training him and we would clap after he did "number two."  LOL!  So I think we FINALLY are turning a corner.  They are going to do a NG tube clamping again tomorrow and see how things go.

My aunt and uncle in Texas did something so sweet...they sent a beautiful plant and "Get Well" balloon for Frankie!  He was very pleased by it, as we were too.  Thank you so much, Aunt Penny & Uncle Jeff!!!  :0)

Frankie had the drain placed late this afternoon and when he returned to his room, he was half out of it due to the medications they gave him to relax him for the procedure.  I stayed for a while then decided to head home at dark.  I am just literally asleep on my feet.  And my feet have been giving me lots of problems with numbness, tingling, pins and needles and pain.  It feels so good to come home and get my feet up on my elevating pillow rest.  I have my TENS unit cranked up on high and I try to read my book, but I don't ever get very far and wake up two or three hours later with the light still on and the book on the floor.  So tonight, I'm gonna close this post and just go right to bed.  I'm exhausted!!!

Hope you all are well and happy.  Thank you so much for your continued love and support. I've received so many kind notes of wonderful thoughts, words and prayers.  I really appreciate each and every one of them.  So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!  You all are the BEST!!!

All righty-roo!  Time to get my numb feet off to bed.  You guys and gals all have a blessed rest of the week and I'll be posting again soon.  I'll dig up another one of my poems to include in the post.  I hope you all enjoy that.  If not, please let me know.

Big, gentle hugs to all!
Until next post,

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  1. Yeah!!!! I talked to Mom and got the good news, I am so glad things are finally moving along. Sleep well Sis, and we should see you tomorrow. xoxoxo


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