Saturday, July 10, 2010

"A Watched Pot Never Boils"

Boy, isn't THAT saying the truth!  It is incredibly slow going with Frankie. Today marks two weeks and 2 days that Frankie has been in the hospital. I truly feel like he lives there...and I live in the car going back and forth to his "new home" away from home!  We both are tired, frustrated and aggravated at this point.  The problem remains that his stomach contents aren't being absorbed by the small intestine like they should. The surgeons have NO idea why, because every test they ordered have come out as normal.  The hematoma inside the intestine is stable, no bleeding from it. Maybe that is what is slowing things down.  At least they have him off the blood thinners, as that would only make things worse and maybe he would start bleeding again. And we definitely do NOT need any new complications at this point.  His red blood cell count is at 13, 2 points higher than 2 days ago. So no blood loss.  It's just a big mystery!

When I get to the hospital this morning I'm going to get him out of that bed and moving all day.  We're gonna take walks around the nurse's station and sit up in the chair for more than 5 seconds.  And he's laying off the pain medication as they have him on the real strong stuff still (Dilaudid) and I don't think he needs that on top of the Fentnyl patches he is wearing.  The IV Dilaudid makes him really loopy and he can't work on his own recovery if he's picking things off the wall and asking the same questions every 2 minutes! 

That pretty much is it. The NG tube is clamped again now. This makes the THIRD trial of seeing if his intestines are working and will absorb the stomach juices. Sounds gross, doesn't it?  I tell ya, it ain't pretty to look at, either, in the suction container.  Maybe I'll take a picture to show you, I wouldn't do that to my loyal blog friends. :0)  So pray with me that the third time is the charm and he won't get nauseated and throw up and they have to reattach the suction again.  He's been taking the nausea medication with the pain meds, so he hasn't been nauseated in quite awhile.
Big thanks to all of you that have offered your input and own experiences to me on Facebook.  I really appreciate it.  With this "fog" I'm under, I can't think straight.  I was at the hospital for 8 hours yesterday and I'm paying for it today. My legs feel like someone is taking an ice pick to them over and over. My right calf is all cramped up, despite taking both Soma AND Flexeril!  Thank God I have my TENS unit for my back, or I'd really be an even bigger mess than what I am now!!  When I got home, I didn't even turn on the computer. I had something to eat and then crashed on my bed. I woke at 6am and am now trying to catch up on my computer work.  I just can't wait until my husband comes home!!!  Will it be SOME TIME in MY lifetime?

Hope you all are doing well. I will pick out one of my poems for the next blog post. 
Until then,

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