Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wet Stuff

Hello, everyone!!
Guess what?  We actually got the wet stuff today.....RAIN!!!  Yippeee!  I 
think I heard on the radio or TV that we hadn't had rain in 85 days. I believe it, too.  The desert is probably just sucking it down right now as we speak. Of course this rain had to happen as I was leaving the hospital tonight after visiting my husband. The black clouds were starting to roll in this evening, so unfortunately I had to cut my visit short with my husband. I hated to leave, but I hadn't driven in rain too awfully much and didn't want to be caught in a sudden down pour.  Come to find out, I was caught in it anyway on the freeway, but I survived!!!  Poor Flagstaff, though, has had its share of inclement weather recently.  Now they are battling with mudslides and severe storms over that part of the state.  

My hubby is doing about the same, maybe a bit more depressed. Today marks a month in the hospital. I'd be depressed, too!  He's been poked, prodded and stuck with every kind of tube or test imaginable and we still can't find out why his intestines are taking a long hibernation.  He still has more gastric output than we would like and the drain he had placed in his abdomen to drain the hematoma is still draining dark bloody fluid into the collection bag.  Poor guy- for him to take a walk, he has to call the nurse and she comes and unplugs him from the NG suction, then because they only have one size of PJ bottoms (x-large) he has to hold his pants up with one hand and steer the IV pole with the other hand. He makes quite the picture!!  Tonight, though, his dad brought in the PJ bottoms from home and he immediately changed into those and was happier.  

The doctors are thinking about taking the drain out tomorrow or over the weekend and starting him again on clear liquids and see what happens. As they say, it's a "wait and see game."  Well, my husband (and we all) are tired of playing!!!!  That's all the Frankie news.  No talk of going home yet. Of course he still has some major things to work out first before even thinking about home and that is he has to be able to eat AND keep it down. That would be helpful!!!  We'll just see what this weekend brings. Hopefully it will be better than last weekend.  

I'm holding up OK. I've got a horrible rash on my butt from my TENS electrodes.  I sweat a lot and I think the electrodes and my sweat mixed to create a brilliant red, itchy and very irritated rash over where the electrodes were.  So I'm using lotion on that to soothe and heal it up.  I washed the area really good and then used this thick lotion for itchiness and irritation.  I had to place my electrodes up really high on my back and I have mixed feelings if it will work or not. But I can't put it on the rash, so I'll make due until it heals.  What else will happen to me?  Oh, feet are so big and puffy, I can't even bend my toes.  So after I put a dot for a period at the last sentence of this post, I'm going to bed.  I'm so exhausted!!

As promised, I picked out a poem that I wrote as a creative writing assignment in high school my senior year.  My creative writing teacher, Mr. Holt, just LOVED it and it was published in the creative writing magazine that the school published once a year, I think.  I hope you like it!
Rain Song      

I.I always used to love rain
The steady beating like soft drums on the rooftop
I would look outside and see a spider
Clinging to my ripped screen.
I only saw him on rainy days.

II.I met Alex on a sunny day.
He wore a long-sleeved shirt and bugle boy pants
The black material hanging softly from his bulging muscles
He leaned against the landlord's rusted blue Toyota
And asked me my name.

III.Another sunny day.
Alex invited me back to his house
And we watched TV.
I don't even remember what was on
Some western, or maybe the "Twilight Zone".
The TV went fuzzy and Dave, Alex's friend, tried to fix it.
"Work, you worthless piece of shit!" He yelled,
Throwing the antenna across the room.
It landed behind his box of dirty magazines.

IV.The late afternoon sun sparkled on the waves like gold
Another beautiful day ending as Alex and I
Silently walked on the deserted beach.
We watched the sun drop lower and lower into the lake
Till it was out of sight.
We crossed the railroad tracks and I got the heel
Of my brand new sandals caught.
Alex and I tried to save it                              
But the heel was already broken.

V.First things I noticed when I walked outside
Were the clouds--big, gray and threatening.
Alex was restless that day.
We talked of nothing--just sat in his room
And watched the rain start,
It's pit-pat drumming softly on the roof.

VI.Still raining.
We stayed inside and hovered together for warmth.
Alex was silent
And I asked him what was wrong.
He looked at me with those brown eyes
And for a moment I thought he would tell me.
The moment passed.
"Nothing" he said.

VII.Next day, the rain was the hardest I'd ever seen,
Making mini lakes on the ground.
I stepped over them on my way to Alex's.
I got there and his friend Dave greeted me.
"Alex is gone".
"I don't know".

VIII.The rain blended into a light drizzle after awhile.
I sat in my room and waited.
Waited for what, I don't know.
Little droplets of rain splattered on the window.
I went to bed early.

IX.I hate rain                                          
The steady pounding is like loud drums at a disco.
I looked outside to find the spider clinging to my screen
On this dismal day,
On a day everything was wrong
The spider was gone too.

To Alejandro N. Ramos

Alejandro was the Mexican guy I met in my junior year and I fell hard for him. I wrote a lot of poems about him during my senior year after he left me without even saying good bye.  Big jerk!!!  I'm soooo over him NOW!!  But looking back over these poems brings back a lot of memories for me and makes me think, boy, times were sure simple back then! When all I had to worry about was boys, instead of fibro and making sure I got enough sleep and I take my medications, Frankie's cancer, ect.  I'm sure we all feel like that when we think back to our childhood.  How simple things were way back when.

Have a good weekend, everybody.  I'll keep ya posted on what happens with Frankie.  Wish us luck and perhaps a miracle! We could sure use one about now!!

Big hugs,
Until next post,

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