Sunday, July 25, 2010


Howdy, all!

Are you sitting down? Ready for some GREAT news? Frankie can eat again!! On Friday he had his NG tube clamped and they started him on clear liquids. Because he doesn't like fruit (but he'll consume sweet and sour chicken like it's going out of style or have oatmeal with raisins but yet he doesn't like fruit!) the clear liquid diet was NOT made with Frankie in mind.  They sent up cherry Jell-o, mango ice popcicle, apple juice, chicken broth and coffee. The only thing he liked was the chicken broth, but because he hadn't eaten in a month, it was too rich for him. So he had half of that and my mother-in-law made him some iced tea and he gluggled that down like a man just coming in from a 40 day trek out in the desert!

Yesterday (Saturday), they started him on full liquids since he did really well with keeping everything down from Friday. He had a little bit of nausea, but I think some of it is in his head since he hasn't had food in so long and the previous trials at it failed, his brain could be causing the nausea because its so used to feeling it! The brain is very mysterious!  So we got his mind onto other things - his pocket poker game- and he was OK.  He also gets nausea meds with his Morphine now.  We got him off the Dilaudid (Thank God!) and onto the Morphine.  I hope to wean him off of that before he comes home.  He can continue the same meds his pain specialist in Scottsdale has him on at home, they worked just fine!  He still is in significant pain in his legs still, even though he has been off the Gleevec for a month.  Maybe his pain is NOT from the Gleevec. Oh well, that investigation will have to come later. When Frankie gets out of the hospital, we are working on ME next. I want to start the process of getting that lap band so I can start losing weight to feel better and maybe I can work again.  Isn't THAT a novel thought?  I haven't worked in two years and I'll have to take a nursing refresher course if I don't work in five years. So I have three years to get in tip-top shape!!!  So Schranz Boot Camp, here I come!! LOL!!

Back to Frankie...according to the CT scan of Friday night, the hematoma in his abdomen has shrunk some, but not enough to remove the drain yet.  At least he will be getting rid of the NG tube. I'll take my camera and get a picture of this milestone.  I have all the pictures in a folder called "Frankie's Recovery."  I'll even get a picture of him eating dinner tonight; that will be a sight I haven't seen in some time!!!

Well, better get to the hospital to see my man.  I need to keep him motivated. Walk. Sit in the chair. Take a short nap. Repeat process.  No holds barred...we are sooo close to bringing Frankie home that I can taste it!!

Hope you all are happy and well and trying to stay cool.  We had a little reprieve from the heat on Friday when it rained so hard and cooled things down a little. Then the rain stopped and yesterday the heat returned in full force.  Hot and favorite combination.....yeah, right! LOL!

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers and kind words.  My fibro is doing the same, I'm no worse for wear.  I still have the horrible leg cramps, but I think they will relax some now that I know Frankie is going to be OK and not require anymore surgery. I was so worried about that.  And maybe I can go back to sleeping better, but that may be when he gets home and is with me in the bed again.  I miss that!!  So keep everything crossed he comes home this coming week.  Wouldn't that be just absolutely fantastic??

Big, gentle hugs for everyone,
Until next post,


  1. Hi Missy,
    That is FABULOUS news! I hope everything continues to improve nice and smooth. He is very lucky to have you there supporting him, kicking him in the rear (gently LOL!) or whatever it takes to keep going. I just now thanked my husband for not letting me give up or give in. I am very close to having to go back for a refresher course myself if I don't work soon. When you do start back to nursing (or getting paid for it anyway!) you will be even better than before. There is nothing like having experienced this stuff yourself AND as a family member to see things in a whole different light. With taking care of your mom, husband and yourself.... well, I think you should get a Ph.D.! I have you both in my prayers, hang in there.

  2. Thank you so much, Patti, for your sweet comments. Much appreciated to a very tired body & soul!! :0) God bless you, Patti!

  3. Praise God for the good report. I will keep the prayers going out for you and Frankie both. God is good and will do good things. Love you!

  4. Thank you, Lorie! I completely agree! :0)


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