Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today Is Hopefully THE DAY...

that Frankie gets his drain removed!  I can't see how they would keep it in, since half of it is out of where it should be.  I can't even flush the darn thing anymore!  And the drainage has dwindled down to a mere fraction of what it used to be.  His belly looks so incredibly sore.  What with having that drain tube sticking out and some bruising (although every faint by this time) and his incision line through his abdomen.  Hopefully this will be the LAST surgery ever.  One can live in hope, can't they??  He's doing well otherwise. Vitals good, done with antibiotic course, no foul odor with drainage, appetite WAY good and NO nausea or vomiting in over a week.  I think we are finally out of the woods.  Of course, now I've just jinxed the whole thing by saying that!!!

Today will be very busy for Frankie & I.  He has his oncologist appt this morning at 10am and we'll be talking about the future of the Gleevec medication and what he will be restarted on if that's the decision made. I would be way more comfortable having him on at least half the dosage to make sure the residual tumor that couldn't be removed stays dead.  I don't trust this tumor....no sirree....not as far as I can throw it! LOL!  I think the doctor is in agreement with that as he said at the last appointment that he would be restarted on half a dose once they restart it.  So is today the day for that, too, I wonder?  We shall see.

Then we go for my lab work. Hard to believe that 6 weeks have passed. I have a standing order at the lab for it every 6 weeks.  Actually, I'm a day late, but I'm sure that won't be a problem.

After that, we go to Frankie's surgeon to have the drain removed. YAY!  That's at 2pm or thereabouts.  So we'll have a busy day. It'll feel good to get back home again.

I've been having a blast handing out my blog awards to various favorite blogs, but either the emails are getting lost or people are confused about what to do with them.  And NOBODY has left a comment so I can visit their blog.  Nobody like awards anymore?  When my mom and I were doing our website umpteen years ago, web awards were the rage and people collected them or had whole pages devoted JUST for their awards.  Maybe I'm out of the loop again with these awards.  Anyway, if you get an award from me, please put it on your blog (in blogger, you would add it in just like a picture or slideshow on the sidebar).  Or, you can write a new post about your award and add it on like you would a picture.  Hope this clears some confusion.  If you can add a link to my site, I'd appreciate it.  That's all I ask.

I've gotten only 5 votes in my poll about if you like my original poems in the blog.  The poll is up for two weeks, so PLEASE cast your vote.  I won't add any poems in until the poll closes.  It's completely annonymous, I won't know who voted what....I promise!  So please just vote.  :0)

That pretty much is it.  I'm getting around with my boot - boy, it sure is a conversation starter.  Everyone has asked what happened to my foot.  It really does help with that arch pain, though, so I can't complain about it.  I just wonder how I sprained my foot!  My back has been killing me, as usual, so I applied my TENS unit and it is better.  I find if I wear it one day on, one day off, my skin doesn't get near as irritated or itchy.  And I no longer use the conductive gel.  If you are interested in TENS units, check out Amazon:

OK, that's my sales pitch for TENS. Get one today...they are really great for back pain. I'm living testimony!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day and now it's back to work and school. Yuck! :-(  Although, I'd love it to work again and feel useful to society, instead of a leech, which is how I feel now.  So to those of you with jobs and can work, good for you....keep it up!!  The saying is definitely true: you truly don't know what you lost until it's gone.

God bless!
Until next post,

PS...I've added a new slideshow with a bunch of new pics and my family. If you are interested, you can find it by scrolling down on the sidebar. It's called "Down Memory Lane."  Hope you enjoy it!!


  1. I hope the day works out for you. I know what you mean about work. I am unable to work anymore to because of the pain levels and the fact we lost our store. so for both reasons, I can't work. I hope today is a great day for you!

  2. Thank you, Heather. Are you on disability now? It sure is a pain the wazoo trying to get on it. Because Fibro is "invisible", Social Security things you are faking it! I've been trying for two years now and am now waiting a hearing. Wish me luck...I'm gonna need it!!


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