Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Big Foot

Hello, folks!

Well, as you know, yesterday I went to the foot doctor because my left foot has been hurting me something awful. The arch part especially. Every time I would stand and put full weight on it, it would hurt so much I would see explosions of stars going off in my brain-it hurt that much!  And everyone knows that when your feet hurt, your WHOLE body hurts!!

Anyway, I told the doctor that the steroid shot he gave me last time didn't do a thing.  So he said, "those shots ALWAYS work, which means your problem is different."  Of course. I'd hate to follow the same road everyone else does!  So he examined my foot and pressed on all the right places where I'd wince in pain or pull back.  He then took a look at my x-rays that I had taken when I was there two weeks ago and he said they looked good, even the "bad foot."  So he is saying I sprained the arch of my foot.  Which is entirely possible with all the moving we've done over the past year and then Mom and I trying to do the travel nursing circuit....I could have sprained it anywhere!

So the "cure" for this is a "moon boot" or "air cast" boot which I wear when I'm walking.  I can take it off to sleep and shower. At first, I thought I'd NEVER get used to it and I was afraid of falling because it set my center of balance off.  But then, today, I'm walking around the house wearing it and it isn't that bad.  I don't have that searing pain I used to get in that arch area.  So they may look goofy, but they are working against ONE of my painful areas!!  I took two pics of my new "boot."

Well, one thing I can say for it is that hopefully it will help keep my swelling down in that leg.  You can see the build-up of fluids in my calf region of my left foot.  And walking around is a lot easier and it gives that arch a rest so it can heal.  The doctor says it can take anytime to heal from two to three weeks to a month.  Everyone is different.  So I can expect to wear my special boot for a month!  At least it's nothing that requires surgery or anything like that to fix it.

The rest of me is so incredibly sore. My right hip region is giving me such fits of pain that I could just scream.  The humidity is up there and I think that is why I'm in such agony. I see a lot of other "fibromytes" are having problems, too.  So it definitely is something in the air!!!

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but I added a new page to my blog called "New-Blog Awards."  I've seen a few sites that have awards on them and they are so cute and it recognizes to the owners how very hard it can be to get a blog up and running and have it be of quality work.  So every blog I see that fits my requirements, I will give them an award for their hard work.  So please check out the new page and leave me a comment with your blog's URL and you could be the next person I give an award to!!!

That pretty much is all the news around here. Frankie's drain is draining more on the outside.....on his dressing instead of in the drain.  The visiting nurse thinks the tube has migrated outside of the wound.  So I'm not to flush it until he has spoken to the doctor.  If I haven't heard from him by 5pm, I'm to give him a call.  It would be such as a shame to have to have it re-insterted and then removed on the 7th!  The wound looks good: no redness, swelling or unusual pain.  It's just not draining to well inside the bulb like it should.  Complications, complications!  That's our middle name, think!

You all have a great day and God bless you all,
Until next post,

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