Thursday, September 23, 2010

Familiar Feelings

Howdy, everyone!

As the title of this post reads, I definitely have "familiar feelings" today as this is the day I have to go to yet ANOTHER seminar about the Lap-band or Realize band procedure.  And they couldn't have picked a busier hospital than Good Sam in downtown Phoenix!  I'm worried about parking and how far I will have to walk to even get to the conference room.  I've had MAJOR problems with walking lately.  My right leg has just been incredibly painful with "pins and needles" in my foot, muscle spasms in my calf and thighs, and let's not forget that lovely "shooting" pain I get from my lower back.  This morning it took me about 15 minutes (and me having to stop and lean against the wall to work out severe cramps in my thigh) to walk down the short hall to the bathroom.  And then back into the bedroom so I could take my morning cocktail of medications.  Please work fast!!! 

Yesterday I went to the podiatrist and he gave me a clean bill of health - for just my left foot!  The pain I was having in the arch is completely gone. So either that lovely moon boot or the steroid shot I had a month ago has finally started to kick in.  But I haven't had pain there all week now.  Praise the Lord!!  Now if only the REST of me would get the picture and follow suit.  I'm really glad my foot really cleared up, because as of October 1st, my insurance will no longer be paying for podiatry care.  Our state's government is bankrupt (or close to it!) and that is how they see fit to fix it...take away even more health care benefits to the poor or the elderly.  Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it????!!!

I talked with my dad, who now lives in Michigan in his own apartment, on Monday and he sounded fantastic!  He has met a new friend online, her name is Gina and I spoke with her, too, on Monday. She set up a three way phone call.  Pretty neat....I would have absolutely NO idea of how to do such things. I'm glad my dad is happy.  It's been a long recovery process, and I didn't know how I'd feel seeing him with other women, but I know it's what Mom would have wanted for him.  And it isn't really so hard seeing him with someone else (or "hearing" him with someone else, for that matter!). She sounded very nice and sweet and perfect for my zany and crazy dad!!  LOL....couldn't help myself there for a moment.

AND, I've saved the best news for last.  MY GRANDMA IS COMING TO SEE ME IN DECEMBER!!  My grandma (on my mom's side) who moved to Texas shortly before we started our move out there too, decided that two years is too long of a time for us to see each other.  I agree!  And the last time I saw her, I was in shock and grief over mom's recent death. If it hadn't been for her there with me (as she came from College Station to San Antonio in record time when she heard how bad mom was and that she wouldn't make it for long), I don't think I would have made it.  I love my grandma soooo much and have missed her equally so, that I'm thrilled that my in-laws have warmly welcomed her to stay in their home and my aunt and uncle (grandma's son with whom she lives with now) already bought her ticket.  When I saw my grandma's name on the ticketless travel receipt in the email, it just tickled me so!  OK, so I'm a little giddy....LOL!!!  She will be arriving Dec. 8th and staying until after Christmas on Dec. 28th.  Three solid, whole weeks!!!

Nothing much else to report. Please pray that I can get to the conference room tonight for that bariatric seminar and please pray I can have the procedure.  My husband called up my insurance and verified again they cover this procedure and they said yes, as long as it is for medical purposes and NOT cosmetic.  No prob there...all they gotta do is look at my charts and they'll see all my medical problems that could very possibly be corrected by having this procedure.  And hopefully this place is the RIGHT place this time!!

I'll be sure to post again tomorrow and let you know how it went. You all have a wonderful day....may it be without too much pain!!  We can only hope.

God bless you all,
Until next post,

As many of you know, I have a support group on Facebook that used to be called the same name as my blog.  Well, I met a new friend, Sally, and she set up a beautiful forum based on my support group.  She worked day and night on it and didn't find the error until the forum was complete. And that was, she left the MY out of the title.  But that's not the important news, just a tid-bit.  :0)  The notice is please accept our sincere apologies about how Facebook kept sending out duplicate messages this past week. We have been in contact with FB, but have not received any response.  So I completely understand if you wish to not be part of the FB support group....but please DO come over to our forum. There are NO problems like that over there.  We've love to see you all that signed up in the FB group and we would love to meet new people, too.  So click on the purple butterflies at the top of this page.  See ya there!!


  1. You left a comment on my blog and said you wanted to give us a blog award - I'm not sure what one is! :) Shoot me a note and we can chat more:
    So glad you like our little blog! Best of luck to you with your health troubles!

  2. Good luck tonight. I hope you have a good time with Grandma at Christmas! 3 awesome weeks!!! how cool is that?

  3. Missy, are you okay? I just saw your post. How did it go at the hospital? I'm glad at least one foot is better! My hubby is on new insurance and it won't pay for ANY preexisting conditions for a year. So I hear ya! Post soon :)


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