Friday, September 10, 2010

Back To...Normal?

Woo-hoo! Yippee!!  Can I officially say that we are back to "normal?"  What the heck IS normal, anyway? Frankie is doing fabulous. Even his pain levels have decreased some - he remains on the Duragesic patch, however, and Percocet for breakthrough pain.  He resumed the Gleevec (for the GIST cancer that he has) two days ago after a 2 month hold due to the surgery and all the complications that ensued.  Now that he is back on the Gleevec, the leg pain will resume full force.  I hope not - I truly do. But that side-effect is one he has always had with Gleevec.  But I'd rather him be alive than to stop the Gleevec all together and have the cancer return.  He feels the same way, although it was nice to have that little pill "vacation" for awhile!!!  It's like returning to work after a vacation. You don't really want to be there, but you have to because if you don't, how will the bills get paid?

I took a two photos of Frankie just about 10 minutes ago to show you how he's coming along. The first one is of him sitting in his favorite spot on the couch, eating a bowl of cereal.  The second one is of his drain-free belly!  All that's left is the incision (which is all healed up) and a band-aid over the drain site.  I'm keeping it there because he's a "picker" and always picks or peels scabs off before they are ready to come off. He even has scars from old scabs he's picked years ago. I told him if he even remotely touches the scab over that hole, that I will personally cut every one of his fingers off!  I'm mean, aren't I?  It's just that hole goes down into ultimately his intestines.  I don't want any repeat of infection or ANYTHING to land us back at square one again!!  Here's the pics for your viewing pleasure:
        NO DRAIN!!  Do ya like the neon green band-aid? :0)

Doesn't he look good, though?  He's pale, still, but his red blood cell count went from 8.2 to 10.  My mother-in-law's cooking is great AND very healing, since he is on NO iron supplements.  The only thing I have him on are Vitamin B Complex, Multivitamin, and his regular medications.  He can't really go out in the sun too much because of the medications he takes don't mesh well with sunlight.  If he sweats too much, his pain patches fall off or even worse, his body absorbs all the medication from it and he gets a little "loopy."  Luckily, that has happened only once. He sounded absolutely drunk that day and slept all day and all night!  So we try to keep him nice and cool. Which sometimes is very hard in steamy Arizona!!

Jackie feels left out, so I took a picture of him, too.  He is in his "house" which REALLY is his carrier. (Shhhh...don't tell him that!))  He loves his "house" and is in it quite frequently.  That or his little cat bed that I have right next to his "house."  He only wishes he could put the bed INSIDE the house....then he'd have it made!  But his bed is too big. :-(
Isn't he just adorable? He knows it, too.  Silly kitty!!!  He has both me AND my husband wrapped around his fuzzy tail!!  I just love his new "house", too. It's rugged and has rods inside that keep the ceiling up and the sides. His last carrier was was too soft and kept collapsing on him.  I've picked out from Amazon what looks closest to what Jack has now and the same price I paid for it, too.  I highly recommend it to any pet-owner!

Well, that pretty much is it.  I'm in a flare-up mode (when am I NOT is a better question!) and just so exhausted.  Like I can't ever make up sleep.  My limbs feel like heavy sand bags and when I get to my feet, all my weight just drops and my knees sometimes will buckle underneath me.  I cannot WAIT to start this Lap-band "journey" as they call it in their brochure.  Next Wednesday is the initial appointment where they tell me what insurance will pay and what we will pay.  I hope it's not too please pray for me that it won't be bigger than the national debt! LOL!

Tim, the visiting nurse is coming over one last time to discharge Frankie off home health services.  I will miss him!  He's funny, nice and easy to talk to. Very helpful, too.  And then I have a doctor's appt. at 12:30.  Much to do yet I sit here playing on the computer.....

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You all have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend.  I hope you don't have flare-ups or pain of any kind, my friends.

God bless,
Until next post,

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