Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!!

Good day, my fine friends!

Happy September 1st!  I thought I'd start the day/month out with a blog post.  Can you believe it's already September 1st?  Where has the time gone?  I'll bet the kiddos are happy to be back in school....NOT.  I remember when I was a kid (a long time ago!) I didn't like summer to be over and then having to trot back to school for another year of carrying heavy books and listening to your teachers drone on and on about things that happened way before you were even born!  As you can see, I'm NOT a historical buff!

I don't feel too badly today, of course I had my morning cocktail of pills, pills and more pills.  I wonder if I will ever have a day again where I don't have to take pills all day?  Maybe after the lap-band surgery I can drop some of my pain meds, blood pressure meds, and the diabetes pill.  We shall see.  I'm so excited because this is the month I go for the initial appointment for the lap-band and since I've already had the cardiology clearance, it should save a lot of time and we can move forward.

Well, today is the day I go back to the foot doctor. I plan on holding up my grossly swollen feet and saying, "fix me!"  If anything, my foot is even worse than when I went in the first place.  The shot he gave me did nothing.  He also said something about getting insurance authorization to take care of my ingrown toenail.  Sounds fun! He better hurry. I got a letter from my insurance stating that due to the state's bad budget, more people are going onto the state insurance so they are cutting back on things for people over 21 yrs. old.  One of them is podiatry care!  Great! I've only got one month until this takes effect, so hopefully everything will be done in that time.  They ALWAYS take away from people over 21 yrs old, while if I were a kid, I could get everything - dental care, even.  As it stands, I can't take care of my teeth issues because I have no insurance and my other health issues kind of trump the dentist.  All in due time, as my dad always said.

I'm sure you've noticed all my Amazon ads on my blog. I signed up with their Amazon Associates program and they approved my blog almost immediately!  Makes me feel better, since Google adsense rejected it (after looking at the WRONG blog) and then went on to say I have broken links, under construction signs, ect.  I appealed my application and still haven't heard anything back. They are soooo way over the estimated "week" they told me a month ago!  Anyway, I just LOVE Amazon and have been ordering from them for years.  You can get all kinds of stuff there and I've included a "search" Amazon widget near the bottom of the page for your shopping convenience.  Everything you order off of my blog, I get commission for.  So if you love Amazon, too and order a lot, please do so off of my blog, please. :0)

You remember me talking about that pillow wedge that I use?  Well, on Amazon it is even cheaper than what I got at!  And it works so well and takes pressure off my lumbar spine.  If I didn't have that pillow, I'd have to sleep sitting up because I can't lay on either side.  Here is the pillow wedge link in the sidebar if you are interested:

I find it helps very much if your ankles swell, too. It keeps them raised while you sleep.  While my ankles are always swollen, they are a lot less so in the morning when I get up from having them raised all night.  I also keep them raised while reading, too.  It's soooooo very comfy, if I don't say so myself!! :0)

Another product that I highly recommend if you have a sore neck is "the neck pillow."  So much more than a regular pillow, it centers your head and neck in a cradle of comfort!  I love mine!  Here is the link for that in the sidebar:

One product that I use on a daily basis is a pillbox organizer.  I take so many things, I'd be lost without it!!  Here is just one of many types/designs. This is the one that I use:

Hmmm.....I see they have a 31 day organizer out now that I may have to buy myself!

One more product that I just can't live WITHOUT is my TENS machine. And Amazon has a number of them, both new and used, that will do the trick. They even have the electrodes and conductive gel, if you need that.  Here is the link to a similar machine to what I have and love:

I hope you all have a great day and the start of another week.  Joy, health and peace I wish for all!!!

God bless,
Until next post,


  1. QUESTION: The u shaped pillow for the neck, can one sleep with this? MY hubs has issues with his neck and left shoulder, had surgery but has a lifting (patients) job and it's bothering him. Do you think this would work for him?

    Pill box: If not for mine surely i would have overdosed by now. Thank goodness for them.

    We want to try the memory foam pillows and the memory foam mattress cover to see if it will help my spine.

    I hope your doctor can help you with your foot. I know how painful and restrictive it can be! When is your LBsurgery? How much are you looking to loose. If you would like a buddy cheerleader, i'll be hear for you. hugs. tammy

  2. Hi, Tammy! Thank you for your comments. To answer your questions: yes, you can sleep with the neck pillow. I do mine all the time and wake up without a crink in it like I used to. I'd have terrible neck spasms and this definitely worked! I'll be having my lap band surgery as soon as everything is set up. I go for the initial appointment Sept. 15th. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted! As for my foot, I'll be writing a post about it. :0) Thank you again for stopping by!

  3. Oooops, forgot a question you asked me: I plan to lose about 150 pounds. Sigh....long road ahead of me, but I'll take it one step at a time.


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